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邓晶人体艺术2014 US High School National Championships won by Greenwich Academy and Avon Old Farms School - both play on Anderson Courts! Read more...  

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Squash and Racquetball Court Construction 

Offering the best of the world's squash and racquetball playing wall surfaces:

Armourcoat Plaster  .  Edge-Grain Maple   .   Fiberesin Panel

Since 1987, Anderson Courts & Sports Surfaces has led the industry in the specialty construction of new squash and racquetball courts and conversions in the United States and Canada. Responding to preference and budget, our "client specific" approach delivers quality in a finished court system including preferred wall system and the best of cushioned flooring, glass walls, hardware, doors and fittings.

Our commitment to building the best courts is personal and is backed by a customer service team unparalleled in the business. Our team in the office is as diligent as one could hope for and excited to work with you on the smallest of details. We want to be certain that owners and architects have everything - including all pre-work details (framing and substrate) to ensure the overall integrity and longevity of each court. We will even contact our court customers once a year and coordinate with the responsible person in looking after their courts, to make sure all components of their squash courts are working and perfectly maintained. We do this with the recent addition of our Preventative Maintenance Report.

Squash and Racquetball Court Construction
Squash and Racquetball Court Construction
Squash and Racquetball Court Construction
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