Global Sea Ice Extent

里番外番口工全彩本子September 17th Data:

里番外番口工全彩本子Arctic Sea Ice: 1.2 Million km

Antarctic Sea Ice: 1.5 million km

Net Global Sea Ice Deviation: 0.3 million km


History Lesson on Global Warming Deception

I came across a video the other day where Dr. Tim Ball gives a bit of a history lesson on global warming deception. He talks about how global cooling alarmism turned into global warming alarmism and how it became climate change then the science failed to verify. It really is an interesting video. It is interesting listening to Dr. Ball talk about the reality of a changing climate and how it continues to change. He talks about how we have come out of the warming period and how we will be in a cooling trend for a while.[…]

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Ocean Circulation Disruption

Looking at the latest sea surface temperature anomaly map from Unisys, it seems there may be an issue with the ocean currents. I remember hearing recently (I believe on that there was an unexplained warming of Pacific waters along the west coast of the United States. As things like this tend to be sensationalized by the media, I often just ignore the commentary. Inevitably, whatever is happening in the world gets blamed on man. So we fast forward a few weeks to the NOAA claim that October was the warmest on record. The claim was obviously laughable, but I decided to do some poking around. I wanted to see how sea surface temperatures were doing. I bring up a reliable data product, which is the Unisys SST Anomaly Map, to check out the health of ocean temperatures. I find something a bit odd in the images. […]

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NOAA – Climate Change Lies – October 2014 Fraud

NOAA has proven once again that they are the most deceitful “scientific” organization on the planet. I knew when November was turning out as brutal as it was that we could expect some dishonest piece of news to be released by NOAA. I did not expect them to lie on such a massive scale. In a story published by (no shock they ran with this garbage), NOAA stated that October 2014 was the warmest on record. I am telling you flat out that it is a huge lie. They are either compulsive liars or just completely inept when it comes to science. In either case, the organization should be stripped of all funding. […]

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US-China Agreement Embarrasses Abbott Government

The emissions deal between China and the United States has left Prime Minister Tony Abbott with egg on his face, a climate change analyst says. Mr Abbott, speaking at the East Asia Summit in Napyidaw, Myanmar, said while welcome, the US-China deal would not prompt him to put climate change on the agenda for this weekend’s G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane. Mr Abbott said the G20’s focus will be on economic reform, adding that there were plenty of forums where climate change can be discussed. “Interestingly, we’ve just had the APEC conference in Beijing and climate change was hardly mentioned,” he said. “It was mentioned in passing by one leader in Beijing. “And, look, there are lots of venues to deal with climate change. Climate change is a very significant issue.” Chinese and US leaders negotiated the deal in secret over the last nine months. “I’m not saying I knew the specifics and that it was going to occur yesterday, but I was aware that the US and China have a climate change dialogue,” she said. Environment Minister Greg Hunt said the deal was a “a very important outcome for the world with the US adopting a reduction in their overall emissions and China setting themselves the target of peaking”. […]

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Gulf Stream Stalling Again

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Is the Gulf Stream Stalling?

“Sea surface temperatures in September 2014 were well above normal. In fact, 60% of the Northern Hemisphere ocean surface was 0.5°C or more above the 1981-2010 average. See below. An unlabelled version can be downloaded here.

Then there is a huge part of the […]

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2013/2014 North American Snowfall Record

According to data from the Rutgers University Climate Lab, Northern American snowfall for this past winter (2013-2014) was the highest on record. Records go back to approximately 1968. Northern hemisphere snowfall for the winter ranked 3rd all-time and was the snowiest since the severe winter of 1978. Data for the southern hemisphere was not available.[…]

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Ebola Virus In Dallas

Hopefully this is nothing, but a case of Ebola was diagnosed in Dallas. I think we have a tendency to jump the gun on pandemic viruses, but this is one to keep an eye on.

“A man who took a commercial flight from Liberia that landed in Dallas on Sept. 20 has been found to […]

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Mammoth Lakes Earthquakes Now Exceed 1000 In Latest Seismic Swarm

The Long Valley Caldera is experiencing a large seismic swarm. As magma moves through the earth, it displaces and fractures rock along the way. This movement causes earthquakes that can be recorded with seismometers at the surface of the earth. Seismic monitoring is the most used technique for volcano surveillance. Volcanic earthquakes often provide the initial sign of volcanic unrest. The last eruption at the volcano is said to have occurred 700,000 years ago and is long over-due. […]

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Is Long Valley Coming To Life?

In case you didn’t know, there has been a sizable earthquake swarm in Long Valley. The last update I saw stated the current swarm had produced over 600 quakes. While most of these quakes have been small, a number of them have been in excess of magnitude 3.0. The USGS states that the quakes are currently tectonic in nature and that there is no sign of magma movement.[…]

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Exposing Sea Ice Deception

I wanted to take a moment to expose what I believe to be deliberate deception when it comes to reporting of sea ice. The only thing news agencies will report is the sea ice area and extent in the Arctic. They will attempt to mislead you into believing ice is melting around the world due to climate change. Other sources will use tactics like claiming 2014 had the 6th lowest extent on record indicating a downward trend. Again this is an attempt to mislead you about the current situation. […]

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Unusual Seismic Reading at Bardarbunga

Barely 2 hours after a magnitude 5+ earthquake, there seems to be an unusual seismic reading at Bardarbunga. Can anyone explain this activity? This seems to coincide with a new feature showing up on aerial images. Check out the new opening just south and west of the main vent. Also, the continued subsidence has recently shifted direction. Is this all a sign that the system is getting ready to blow? […]

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Magnitude 5.5 Quake Strikes Bardarbunga

Overnight a magnitude 5.5 quakes strikes Bardarbunga. This was one of the largest quakes in Iceland’s history. Comes on the back of 18 magnitude 3.0+ earthquakes on Saturday. Ground subsidence continues at the same rate as before and the lava flow continues at a similar rate. Since midnight there have been four quakes with a magnitude of 4.0 or higher around the volcano. The risk of a massive eruption seems to be getting higher. […]

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Influences on the Bardarbunga Caldera

As subsidence continues, I have to wonder what are the outside influences on the Bardarbunga caldera. How much additional downward pressure will come from ice and water sliding/running down into the new pit. I am not sure of the GPS unit’s proximity to the glacier. So I don’t know if the subsidence is close enough to allow ice or water to fill the giant pit. If it is close enough and water and ice is flowing inward, I would think the addition of the weight would just exacerbate the problem. Has something been set in motion here that cannot stop until the caldera fails? […]

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Ski Resorts Start Snow Making

Record lows and widespread lows in the 20’s on Friday allowed some New England ski resorts to start snow making. While it does seem to be just an opportunity to break out the guns and give them a test, it could be a sign of things to come this winter. “Several locations from upstate New York to northern Maine set record lows this morning as an unusually early taste of cold weather clipped the region.” […]

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Wild GPS Readings at Bardarbunga

I don’t know if anything significant is about to happen, but there have been wild GPS readings at Bardarbunga over the last several hours. It is fluctuating as wildly as I’ve seen it yet. Is there something going on in Iceland? Is it stormy, window, or anything like that? I don’t know what would make the GPS start recording wild changes in the ground level. Here is a screenshot I grabbed showing the recent fluctuations. The light gray color shows momentary deviations. Red is a 30 minute average and blue is a 180 minute average. […]

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