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How bout this weather?

I kind of miss hearing people say this. This week we had a tiny blizzard, fog, heavy thunderstorms, and that shaky shaky thing in Utah.
But the fear.
The fear is so powerful right now through the world everyone is affected... And it makes people look for answers.

Please be aware that everyone is fearful at some level. If you're overwhelmed facetime or Skype people, don't text.
Temporarily block people that post things that make you anxious.
Definitely don't watch news channels, maybe not even the news, just check your state gov website for updates.

Remember even if you do get sick it's not a death sentence. People have been reporting getting better now and those are reports to listen for.
Find whatever makes you laugh.
Check on your neighbors (by note on their door)...
Don't hoard. Remember our search our how people made it through the depression in the 20s...
Yes things will change, but that's normal.

Be aware that is also a time for some people to take advantage.
Hoarding supplies to sell online.
Grabbing masks they don't need while the Healthcare workers on the front line go without.
Fighting in stores.
Remember how America used to be the best country in the world? Now it kind of feels like that crazy uncle we just don't talk about.

It's okay to be scared. Need answers.
Just be aware that there are people taking advantage of that, whether it's supplies, schemes, or psychic advisors.
Always wait 24 his before you do any purchasing so you can really think about it.Check references. If they don't take paypal or credit cards that protect you there's a reason...
In fact only use credit cards for essentials, it's easy to give out information that can hurt you later.

Many of us that do healing work are offering deep cuts in rates and running specials, mini sessions to help take the edge off the anxiety.
Mine is a mini reading for $25, but I don't limit it to 15 minutes exclusively, because some of you just need to talk to someone who you don't know and has no judgements or attachment after this is over.

Please be safe. Follow the instructions given to safeguard yourself and loved ones. Don't be afraid to ask for help, don't be afraid to offer it either.

Like the song says, the times they are a'changin.... But it doesn't mean it has to be a bad thing.

Love, light and purell

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Legal-ese: for entertainment purposes only, must be 18 to participate. Medical information must be referred to a physician.
Ethics: There are questions I won't answer, regarding time of death, and some questions regarding looking into others' lives; at times it becomes eavesdropping.
When you receive psychic information, you must be aware that we all have free will. Take what you want and leave the rest; a reading is interpreted with the energies that exist at this moment. As circumstances change, so does the direction of your life. Choices can always change the path you're on; and you have to do the work to get to the next point in your path. There are no easy answers.

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