How AdSymerix Can Help You Sell Your House - Even In This Market


Today's surprise interest rate drop by the Federal Reserve may pry open the tight fists of mortgage lenders and reignite the sluggish real estate market. If you're a realtor, you know that the problems in the mortgage industry are making it harder and harder for even the most qualified buyers to get the money they need to close a deal. If you're actively trying to sell a home, you can only hope that your house is noticed by someone who has not only the interest but also the means to buy.

AdSymetrix knows that there are hundreds of ways for you to market a home. The question that you're faced with is figuring out the best way to market the home you want to sell.

Realtors, and For-Sale-By-Owners, can use AdSymetrix to monitor the effectiveness of any kind of marketing material imaginable. You can track phone numbers from the sign in the front yard, ads placed on Craig's List, listing on your local MLS, even flyers that you hand out at open houses.

When you know what works, you can focus your efforts and -even in this market- give someone a chance to finally buy their dream home.

AdSymetrix is easy to use, simple to sign up and amazingly powerful. Give AdSymetrix a try, signup, click and email tracking are all free.

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Becoming Our Own Clients - Using AdSymetrix to Gauge Advertising Effectiveness

AdSymetrix, the company, has just launched. Our goal is to help advertisers make smarter advertising decisions by providing them (you hopefully) with the information they need to know what works and what doesn't when it comes to their marketing.

When it comes to marketing our business, we're using the same tools we're offering you to determine what works best and what wastes our time. For AdSymetrix, we're looking at a few new ways to get interest into our business and we're tracking each of them.

First, we're looking at some of the pay - per - posting website networks. These networks provide a payment based on whether someone writes a post about your topic. We put a small amount of money in an escrow-like account and give some information about our service. When someone decides that they want to write about us, they grab the necessary information, write whatever they want and some money is deducted from that escrow account and sent to them.

Secondly, we're creating a referral network. Using a company we like called ReferNow, we've created a way to offer our friends and clients rewards for referring their friends and clients to AdSymetrix.

For each of these systems, we've created AdSymetrix Tracking Tools, and over the next few weeks will be able to definitively know which of these systems work for us and could work for you.

So keep an eye out, and let us know what you're doing in your business. Advertising should work, and together with AdSymetrix, we can all make smarter advertising decisions

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Follow Your Leads

When you're looking for new business, you have lots of options. You can buy an email list and blast out a hopefully targeted message, create a referral program and entice your current customer base to somehow bring new people to your door, you can advertise in new publications, buy outdoor ads or hire a kid from down the street to walk around town in a sandwich board.

All of these options could work, but how will you know? How do you know whether the person who made a new appointment for next week saw your number in their email, or was given it by a friend or saw your sandwich walker?

AdSymetrix is here to help. We give you the tools you need to tag all of these ads and then track and monitor the responses.

Our system also gives you the control you need to manage the creation of each new lead. Say you do choose to go the sandwich board route. Aside from the fun of humiliating the guy in the sign, you can learn a lot from the responses you get from the ad. Tag your ad with AdSymetrix and every time you get a call from that sandwich board you'll know who's on the other end of the line. We've integrated Google Maps into our application, so you can determine where your new business is geographically centered. And when someone comes in and says that they've seen your humble sandwich board wearer, you can add their information into AdSymetrix and truly understand the value of your advertising efforts.

Give AdSymetrix a try, sign up, click and email tracking are all free.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Community Newspapers and AdSymetrix Tracking Tools

Put yourself in the mind, today, not of a small business owner who's looking for a place to advertise, but a small business owner who has space to advertise and wants to entice other small business owners into advertising with them.

How can a small publisher, say someone who puts out a weekly community newspaper, create a competitive selling proposition in a field where every day their potential advertisers are bombarded with hundreds of other media choices?

One way is to go head to head against your competition. Provide information directly to your potential advertisers about the value of their placing ads in your newspaper. Of course, to go that route, you'll need to have some kind of information at your fingertips that will make your case. And that's where AdSymetrix comes in handy.

With AdSymetrix, your newspaper could track all the responses for every ad placed. You could then go to your next client meeting and show exactly how many responses the quarter page ad in your schools section generated. And as responses equal opportunity, you could make a powerful case that the Return on their Advertising Spend would be higher with your publication than with any other in the area.

AdSymetrix can help the publisher as much as the advertiser. Knowing what ads - and what publications - work, is just a part of how we help you make smarter advertising decisions.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

AdSymetrix In The Blogosphere

Can we take a moment to thank our (new) good friends at Mashable and KillerStartups for the mentions over the weekend about AdSymetrix.

These websites are great examples of ways that the blogosphere can work to your advantage while marketing your small business. In AdSymetrix' case, we have launched a brand new service onto the internet that allows anyone who uses direct response marketing or any kind of advertising track their advertisements placed anywhere. For us, we want to introduce our service to as many people as possible. That's where sites like Mashable and KillerStartups are great. They introduce our product to new audiences that are interested in finding new ways to do business.

In the case of these two websites, we were lucky enough to be found online and written about. But there's no reason why you can't submit your website, your business, to these or similar weblogs and get on their publicity band wagon.

Best of all, you can sign in with AdSymetrix, include a link in your correspondence and track the results that come from their blog posting.Then you'll know what new business you've gotten just by being you.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Because Advertisers Demand Sandboxes

NBC and Universal announced today that they will their new viral video website designed specifically to give advertisers a place to put all their supposedly non-advertisement product.

The value of Youtube isn't just in the size of the audience that visits the site, it's in the content that's uploaded- and the public editorializing that got that content online in the first place.

Creating a new "advertiser oriented" video website is creating an artificial sandbox around content that's already out in the world. An advertiser that goes into this site needs to know that just because they can control what's being seen, they won't be able to control who (if anyone) is seeing it.

Advertisers want to surf on the waves of audience participation. But they (you) need to know where the audience is most inviting. AdSymetrix has been designed to help figure out what placements are best for you to reach your potential customers. Customers that may not want to have advertisements spoon fed to them everyday.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Marketplace Looks at How to Sell Online

NPR offers a lot of great programming. One example is Marketplace. They're a comprehensive financial report radio show wrapped in the warm blanket of friendly conversation. You get the feeling that the people who are telling stories on the show just happen to have this information in their back pocket and are killing some time explaining things to you while you're waiting on a cup of coffee.

Today, they have an article that has some relevance to our interests. Let's Count The Ways To Sell Stuff Online looks at Craig's List, Buy.com and Facebook's latest combined effort, and Reaql People Real Stuff, a new video selling service that's a cross between You Tube and classified advertising.

The options given are interesting, and may be worthwhile for your business. The interesting part of the story, however, isn't the list of new ways to sell online, but the reason why people are looking to sell online. It seems that more and more audiences are moving away from mass market advertising and moving towards smaller entertainment options. That means that the audience for your next ad will be smaller than it was last year.

And the best way to understand how you can still maximize the value of that audience is to know what ads work, and what ads don't. And you can do that with the help of AdSymetrix.

Tag Your Ad - any ad, anywhere - and let AdSymetrix track and monitor the responses. You'll know what new ways are working for your business, and what new ways just make for an interesting article on drive-time radio.

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