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25 May 2020


Heart Sinking-He knows
Eurocentrics just don't get it.
They have no roots in fighting for freedom from a tyrant.
The insane press feeds on this with its perpetual bogeyman.
Eurocentric male. Just broke the windows of Autozone. NAPA tends to hire Eurocentrics. Autozone hires Americentrics. O'Reilly both.

Protestant church St. John's in DC was burned 31 May 2020. NYC CIVIL WAR rioters burned two protestant churches and an orphanage for African American children to the ground. Illuminati thugs won't burn anything insured by the Knights of Columbus.

by Paul Blanshard

It only takes one thug in uniform or suit to put the good ones in jeopardy. Donate to the Law Enforcement Memorial to put your karma at ease and on track with the Golden Rule.

Monarchist radio hosts don't accept the use of arms to protect ones self or property. Having as many divine rights as any sovereign, Citizen grandma kept her shotgun ready for the slightest noise even 'Dick Tracy' would miss on a humid summer night.  Citizen cops and store owners could do the same with grandma's rock-salt.

The pad stings like hell and 9 pieces of salt cauterize at the same time the neighborhood was put on alert. So suck those plump cheeks in and bite your lips jabberwockies. A provocateur has no time to think twice about what may be loaded in the second barrel. Freedom means as grandma would shrill through the hole in her screen, "Come back and get your second chance."

Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics do not practice belief in Conscience or the Golden Rule based on my observation, discussion, and experience.

The Irish and Catholic Power
by Paul Blanshard

Freedom and Catholic Power in Spain and Portugal
by Paul Blanshard 

Rev. Father Coughlin's boy, Lucky Luciano bragged about sinking an American Troop ship prior to WWII. Anyone reading over my shoulder raise their hands if they believe the FBI knows who set the explosives in the Oklahoma Federal Building and the Twin Trade Towers in NYC.
MS-13? Big Brother Bush should know. He wasn't on the job 9/11.

9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

Know our founding principles before they turn into ashes of the mouth after the Smoke of Hypocrisy clears.

Declaration of Independence
Fat ones behind rocks; skinny ones behind trees.
[Violence is reserved for the last paragraph.]

It's great to have a president with a sense of humor. I have no idea how President Trump pulled this one through the eye of the needle.  Yes, Black Lives matter. Our first peoples were labeled 'Others' during our 1960s self-conscious, sociology focus groups. They matter too. Count the suicides and rethink again. Roman Catholic countries' have both the highest suicide rates and homicide. Conscience does come with the labels liberal/conservative. These are borrowed from British monarchists who are subjects of their royal priest-queen.

End Genocide.
[Contemplate verse Genesis 2:7  in the Christian Book and learn to truly be Pro-Life. The Golden Rule of karma affects everyone, even politicians like Gabby Giffords and snipers like SEAL Chris Kyle.]

W.H.O. is the Pol Pot of Nazi American Healthcare?

Dear Chinese People of the Free World,

The billionaire influence in the photo above promised Africa's governments they would be cut off from all imported medications if they continued to use Chlorine Dioxide to cure malaria in a day or less.

Well <Drawled like Reagan> if China makes all the drugs for Nazi American Healthcare, why not just divert what you make for the W.H.O. guy to Africa if he does cut off all medications to them?

The videos of Red Cross using Chlorine Dioxide to cure Malaria have been censored from YouTube.

Chlorine Dioxide destroys all pathogens or most of them anyway if there are seven viruses that can be destroyed by ionized silver only.

This means healthcare can be restored to genuine doctors and not just expensive technicians in Hollywood lab coats.

Vitamin C neutralizes ClO2. So consult a physician or hospital pharmacist trained in biochemistry who the physician would have to ask if Vitamins C, D; and the mineral zinc would be beneficial to CoVid-19 patients in addition to chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

Adam Ruins Everything
The Real Reason Hospitals Are So Expensive

Adam Ruins Everything

Researchers have reported iatrogenics trades places with the first and third leading cause of death leaving heart disease as a steady number two. Nazi American genocide begins in the US Council on Foreign Relations and manifests on the floor of Congress with its approval.

Pol Pot's Killing Fields began the moment President Nixon shook Mao Tse Tung's hand. Since then, the Wall Street Liberty League (the name Pres. Hoover called Al Smith's American Liberty League which is now named Citizens United) has been using China to run our democratic Republic into the ground.

By preventing and suppressing the above knowledge, tyrants profit for themselves as below. This is what Boston Harbor's Tea Party was all about. Indian costumes were used because a few Indian nations were used by the 'Crown' to attack colonists just like Roman Catholic Dutch settlers did from New Amsterdam. The Indian 'look' initially put the Brits at ease to give the colonists an advantage to exercise their protest against overpriced tea. It makes no difference whether it was in Scotland or if it is in Palestine big government arms and pits the weaker against the stronger. The Catholic Intelligence Agency (CIA) did this in LA with a few side-railed railroad cars full of weapons in order to pit neighbor against neighbor and cartel against cartel.

Kudos to BrassCheckTV
"Vaccines are Obsolete"

Andreas Kalcker interviewed by the
Health Ranger about chlorine dioxide, science and truth

"ClO2 is a chemical respirator producing immediate results in one minute."

Keiser Report

Gouging Enron's pensions was not the first major, politically legal theft. McCain and Keating preceded them. Social Security is the ultimate target now that Uncle Sam has joined the happy homeless high on weed and meth imported by the Catholic Intelligence Agency (CIA) et al.

Fisher Investments
This advertisement may be worth challenging by union members or any IWW foundation created to protect Citizens from predator economics. I would like to say, I was referred to this company by one of the Americentrics I was picking potatoes with on a Camas picker one harvest season. But I wasn't. David Ramsey radio host in my opinion reflects the meaning of 'Americentric.' There is a tavern formerly owned by farmer Ramsey named the Old Stone House in New Jersey which Aaron Burr would quaff a sip of brew on the way to see his future bride. The Christian Science Monitor will write up a piece from time-to-time about highly ethical companies which benefit from practice of the Golden Rule.
[Mark 12:30-31]

Religion and time-shares are already laundering the cash. The Vatican Bank was the first. They broke their big German bank and JP Morgan is next. Food stamps and Congressional salaries will be paid for by laundered money. It's madder than Mad Max on an alcoholic binge.

Capital+ism = Wall Street Liberty League
True capitalism promotes freedom for everyone and practices it.
Illuminati slave hook collar not needed.

I believe I read in Maj. Gen. Thomas Maley Harris' piece on Lincoln's assassination that the commission investigating the event he was a member of--reported seven out of eleven civil employees in the 1890s were Roman Catholic. [This accounts for Pres. Washington's humor on the subject illuminati during his tenure on earth. My Scotch/Irish mother's family produced 15 future voters to stay ahead of 'Hypocrisy's 55 million Horde.' (See Samual B. Morse's writings to the right.) She and her family were Quaker/Methodists with one convert to Catholicism during prohibition to protect his rain-barrel. Dad's, Puritan/Congregationalist.]

Investigate the sources who have manipulated Congress and their techniques beginning with the Archdiocese of New York, the CIA and pedophile networks like Epsteins to gain immunity from prosecution for 'BIG PHARMA.'

Adam Ruins Everything

Some Dare Call It Conspiracy:

Cromwell's Hat

One Breath Around the World
[the original meaning of 'selfless']