Gotham City Digest

(And take McConnell and Miller with you.)

     What's the male version of a Karen? They need a name. I nominate "Brad."

     "The F-35 Lightning II Can't Fly Near Lightning." Yes, you read that correctly. The F-35 Lighting can't fly anywhere near lightning. And we've spent HOW many hundreds of billions on this sack o' shit?

     UN workers taped getting jiggy wid it in a UN car. Oh, jolly excellent form and good show!

    I look at the ridiculously and cluelessly named Lincoln Project as a bunch of useful idiots. But their latest anti-Trump ad is a savage work of art.

     Bullshit. Why WOULDN'T they brief him about Russian bounties on US troops?

     I love Sacha Baron Cohen, especially when he trolls right wing nut bags.

    Let the Facebook ad purge begin. The Fuckbook ad boycott is going global. At last count, 160 corporations were pulling their ads. Looks like someone's about to have an even worse summer than Trump and it's this asshole.

     Then, to show what a true profile in courage he is, he deleted the "white power" retweet. Now the WH is trying to say he didn't hear the "white power" part of that video. Uh huh.

    While US troops are getting killed by Putin, the nation is dying of a plague, the economy's in freefall, there's racial unrest all over and his campaign's in a shambles, the "president" decides now's a good time to go golfing with Lady G. Well played, sir, well played.

      This is the crowd of goobers who came to hear Mike Pence in Dallas today. At a time when Texas is seeing a massive spike in COVID-19 cases, he thought this would be the perfect time to bunch hundreds together.

    Meme intermission.

    Your Karen o' the day: Get Off Your Lawn edition.

    That's right, Uncle Tim, keep a civil tongue on that jackboot.

    NYPD to hold end of watch ceremonies for 272 snowflakes.

   Flynn's lawyer wrote a letter to Bill Barr, the boss of the prosecutors, and sent it in "utmost confidentiality" (I'll bet it was) begging for his help, which is so incredibly improper, it boggles the mind. How could this not be grounds for disbarment.

    Another paean to white supremacy from Mel Gibson.

    OK, the question I have is, if the Intel community knew about Russians putting bounties on our troops way back in January, why did it take them until late March to brief Trump about it? Ther only scenario that makes sense is if Trump told them to weed out any reports about Russia, which I can easily see him doing.

    Remember the Doomsday choir of mutants in Beneath the Planet of the Apes? I give you the completely unmasked 100 member choir at Pence's happy Bullshit Talk in Dallas today. Don't say life doesn't imitate art.

     "I want to commend the governor for your decisive action reopening this economy", that's resulted in a massive spike of COVID-19 cases and record numbers of coronavirus diagnoses for 16 straight days, Pence didn't but should've added.

      If you've just about completely lost Liz Cheney, you've lost Bullshit Mountain.

    I'm coming perilously close to actually feeling sorry for the people who have to work under Fuckface von Clownstick.

    White police union head blames black parents for their kids getting shot. Kids like Laquan McDonald, for instance. And finally...

      If we can defund the police, Facebook and everything else standing in the way of social justice, then we should certainly be able to defund the right wing assholes at Fox.


Gotham City Digest

(For a very limited time, specifically January 20th, 2021)

    This could have turned out so much worse. First, the Detroit Police called his job to tell him to turn himself in because they were too lazy to arrest him. Then when they did arrest him, they wouldn't tell him WHY he was being arrested. Then they never asked him if he had an alibi the night of the robbery. He did.
     This is the downside of facial recognition software.

    So the department doesn't investigate people for criminal activity, any more? Check out this asshole Gilmore's excuses for making these racist, inflammatory statements. He said he couldn't wait to buy an assault rifle and start slaughtering black people.

     Remember when I said that it'll be interesting to see the coronavirus cases in Tulsa a week after the rally? Well, here they are and it's about what you'd expect. Just based on this and the fact that six members of Trump's own advance team, two Secret Service agents and a local reporter were all diagnosed with coronavirus, every city in America should ban him from holding rallies since he's obviously a danger to public health.

    Doxxing BLM protesters? This is the last kind of Democrat we need.

    Remember this crook? If you ever encounter her, avoid her like the plague.

    Your Karen o' the day week year. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Meme intermission.

    The Sierra Club just kicked Trump's fat, pasty ass in court. The 9th Circuit just ruled that Trump illegally stole money from the Pentagon to build his vanity wall.

    The New York Times released a bombshell that Russia's been paying Afghan militants to kill US troops, essentially putting a bounty on their heads. Trump's known about this since March and, typically, has done nothing about it.

     Peter Navarro: "The China trade deal is over."
     Trump: "No it's not."
     Wall Street tanks yet again.

    The three Minneapolis cops currently being charged with second degree murder could get their jobs back?! Please tell me this isn't happening. Why is it the only unions left that have any muscle these days are the wrong ones?

    The Meidas Touch just launched a new ad against Ivanka.

    Because it's all about me, Me, ME.

    “If the rioters were Saudi nationals... (w)e would understand immediately that it’s terrorism."
    Someone please explain to the whitest man in America that there's more than a subtle difference between social activism and Islamist terrorism.

    A Chicago columnist epically trolls right wing gun nuts arming themselves to the teeth over the scary black people. Typically, he got trolled back by a gun blogger and his right wing ditto head readers.

    "LAW AND ORDER! Now, watch this shot..."

    "There's nothing to worry about! We've flattened the curve. It's just, uh, a little too dangerous to do a Victory lap just yet."

   But I don't know how this happened. It all looked so legit. The company was started by a fraudulent telemarketer.

   It seems with every Republican administration, the names of the same right wing barnacles keep coming up. Like Art Laffer, who got $20,000,000 in wingnut welfare from the government while telling it to close the spigots to everyone else.

    Remember when Whole Foods used to represent part of the left wing counter culture, when they were renowned for taking care of their employees? Then a bald-headed, lazy eyed little twerp named Jeff fucking Bezos swooped down like the vulture he is and bought it.

     "I'm so sorry this man is your president." Keep in mind, this is coming from a former US Marine and a member of Congress. And finally...

     Woodrow Wilson is now officially persona non grata at Princeton University.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(I'm a writer. Coffee is my only friend.)

      NBC's numbers are way off and very old. The Courier-Journal has more up-to-date results that show Charles Booker with a commanding 3.5% lead over McGrath. I really like this guy's chances. He's got the right ideas and the momentum behind him.

     You know your state is corrupt when your own Attorney General is up on fraud charges. C'mon, look at that asymmetrical puss. Who wouldn't want to buy a used car from this man?

     I'm anticipating mass protests in Jacksonville during the RNC convention. Hopefully, it won't turn into Chicago in 1968.

     Donnie Dumbo, Jr (R-Why Won't You Love Me, Dada?!) wants to replace the toppled confederate statues with ones of his father.
      I suggest this one. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Man, the flop sweat is strong with this one. He's really pulling out all the stops and trying to cram in as many victories as possible that he can take to his base before November.
    Knowing he's losing bigly to Biden, he's trying to manufacture victories regarding his unkept campaign promises. That's why he went to Arizona a few days ago to crow about a wall he still hasn't built.

     This is just a small sample of the verbal vomit that was hurled on Sean Hannity's expensive leather Gucci loafers Thursday night. Want more? Try this:
    Trump: "If we didn’t do testing, we’d have no cases... There are so many names to this, I could name 19 names like Corona 19."
     Then he said Joe Biden couldn't talk before predicting he'd win.
     Then he called himself "a perfect person."

     Meme intermission.

     Republican's daughter begs people not to vote for him. Then in interview he demonstrates why they shouldn't. Wow, this douchebag's a real piece of work.

     Barr's trying to throw more turmoil into this election than it already has by trying to delegitimize mail in ballots. When a reporter challenged him by asking what his evidence was, he fell back on Trump's old Obamagate line and said, "You know."

     If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again.

     Nepotism Barbie says WHAT?

     Have these assholes forgotten that it was their industry that brought coronavirus over from Wuhan, to begin with?

     Meet Sacramento Karen. Say nightie nite to Sacramento Karen. Sacramento Karen just learned the hard way why white people can't use the N word.

    Someone should remind Vice President Race Bannon that those First amendment rights also extend to BLM protesters.

     More cop lies. And they wonder why they're hated and distrusted.

     Holy shit, I didn't have Dick Cheney as a sensible, responsible adult on my Bingo card.

     Keep in mind, the only reason DeSantis clawed back the reopening was because the stock market began tanking. It'd lost 730 points today.

    This is how desperate the GOP is getting They know they're about to lose the Senate, they know Trump will get his fat, pasty ass handed to him by Joe Biden, yet they're trying this Hail Mary conspiracy theory-chasing to the very bitter end because they know the rancid goods they've been selling to the American is no longer in demand. And it's precisely this behavior that's going to cost the GOP the Senate this November. They lost the Senate the nanosecond they refused to impeach Trump.

     Right wing writers sell their soul to one devil or another each time they put their fingertips to the keyboard. But convicted sleazebag Jack Abramoff is one devil you should avoid if you know what you know what's best for you. Right wing hack Derek Hunter is not one of them.

      Your Karen o' the day.

      Karma, delivered in 30 seconds or less.

     Florida Man, the world's worst super hero. "I will not be muzzled like a mad dog." Then stop looking and acting like one. And finally...

     Of course, it'll fail in the Senate and that's even if Mitch McConnell would allow it to come up for and up and down vote. Of course, making DC a state is the last thing the Republicans want, which is why they've been bitterly battling this idea for literally decades. As DC is over 50% black, it's a sure bet the GOP doesn't want to give DC statehood because that would mean two more Democrats in the Senate.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Gotham City Digest: Expanded Karen edition

(Yeah, that's not going away any time soon.)

    This is what happens when you lower recruiting standards just to pump up recruiting numbers. Let's not forget where McVeigh came from.

    This sort of reminds me of the RWA blowing up last year, although the ITW's (International Thriller Writers) alleged incident makes the RWA dustup look even more comical and trivial than it already was. I only hope this gets expedited in a timely fashion.

     In the course of my research for my latest novel, I ran into this three and a half year-old article about the "stunt girl" journalists that every major paper had since Nellie Bly.

    "(T)he question of how America deals with its history of racism has continued to grow in urgency..But what’s a state to do when the monument in question is carved 42 feet deep and 400 feet above ground into a granite mountain?"
     Target practice for F-16 fighter jets and Hellfire missiles.

     Her name's Heartstrong but she certainly isn't strong in the mind.

     Meanwhile, the Bluegrass State continues to slather itself in glory...

     OK, Karen.

     Karen o' the day.

     Bob Cesca strikes again.

     At last! Evidence of liberal Democrat voter fraud! Er, wait...

     Yes, white lady, teach us all what privilege is all about.

     Why is this skinhead fascist still on paid leave while he's in jail?

     Whatever Trump's got, Pence now has.

     Man with long history of making anti Semitic, homophobic remarks vehemently denies making anti Semitic, homophobic remarks.

     Meme intermission.

     This is getting even more bizarre. And Stone being the conduit between Russia and Wikileaks was bizarre enough, as it was.Looks as if Trump's about to be taken down by another Zelinsky.

     This was the same day as Trump's ridiculous St. John's photo op.

     As expected, the usual Republican buttfuckery continues apace. Consider Louisville.

     Elsewhere in Kentucky, after all these months, NOW he gets fired. Still no charges filed against against any of the eight cops in that extra-legal killer elite.

     Another "very fine person" heard from. This clown was at a right wing free speech rally earlier that day.

     I'm sure Air Force One's pilots would've loved getting that order.

     “I don’t even know where you come up with that question of personal responsibility."
     That's because "personal responsibility" is only a right wing bumper sticker slogan during election years. Another Missourian, Harry Truman, famously had a sign on the Resolute Desk that read, "The buck stops here." But having a conscience is only for liberal suckers, right?

    A brief but good history of the Civil War written by a woman who destroys the myth that Confederate monuments represent the ideals of American life and democracy and, as such, do not deserve protection.

     It disheartens me to see that racism hasn't been expunged even from Seattle's CHAZ.

     I think by now that coronavirus has endorsed Trump and vice versa.

     So, illegal chokeholds are now considered "assistance" by the police.

     Co-Karen o' the day.

    This was ordered by Neomi Rao, the psychopath Trump appointed to replace the other psychopath, Brett Kavanaugh, that he shoehorned into the SCOTUS. She essentially ordered the Flynn case to end even though Flynn pleaded guilty twice.

    Another co-Karen o' the day.

    This is what happens when a fast pitch softball coach uses her players as political pawns while sucking up to Trump. All 18 girls quit the team during a series.

     If the George Floyd protests prove anything, it's if the people scream loudly and long enough, the government WILL have no choice but to listen and respond. So don't stop yelling.

   Honestly, I can't keep up with all these Karens. This woman was later arrested for public intoxication and criminal trespass. She had a problem with their BLM signs in the yard.

     But, he did it to honor his "colored comrades" to show he definitely wasn't racist. And I guess in saying, “we will not back down from our heritage,” he doesn't know that Maine wasn't part of the Confederacy.

     Meme intermission 2.0.

     Nearly 60% of Jacksonville residents don't want Trump's super spreader convention.

     "Mr. Chairman, point of order, can someone give the bald-headed little cretin at the kiddie table a juice box?"

      Aaaaand here's yet another Karen.

     He was "surprised" by what he wrote and insisted it was all "a big mistake."

    NC Governor Roy Cooper just extended Phase 2 until July 17, making face masks mandatory. Even Republicans are seeing the light.

     Elijah McClain. Say his fucking name. he was murdered last year by the police just for walking while black.

     It's official- Yesterday, a grand jury indicted Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael & William R. Bryan on malice & felony murder charges in the death of #AhmaudArbery. #SAYHISNAME

    Trump's talking about pulling our troops out of Germany because they're "behind on NATO funding." Bullshit. He's pulling us out because that's what his boss Putin wants.

     This is what right wing voter suppression looks like.

    Lady G is pissing and moaning that Tuesday's primaries in NY and Kentucky was like "the French Revolution." My response to him went viral.

     Meanwhile, in the City of Brotherly Love...

     Racist white cops fantasizing about killing black protesters fired by their black chief.

     Bolton Sings Bolton.

     Charlie McCarthy slips off ventriloquist's lap and attacks reporter.

     102 years ago, we got a break from the Spanish Flu during the summer. We're not getting that now. Why? There are two reasons:
     1) Air travel.
     2) Stupider Americans.

     That awkward moment when your former Christian academy teacher calls you out for being a liar. Note to Kayleigh- Dylann Storm Roof murdered nine black parishioners on June 15, 2015. The very next day, Trump announced his candidacy for president. He just talked about himself, ragged on Mexicans and never mentioned the AME shooting the day before.

     Yesterday, NC Gov. Roy Cooper officially slowed down phase 3 and extended Phase 2 until mid July. Today, TX Gov. Greg Abbott did the same thing.

     Keep writing, assholes. We'll keep reading.

     And here yet another reason not to trust the police. They're more adept at protecting themselves than they are the public.

     Yes, Charles Blow went THERE and called Trump a killer. As more of us should.

     Boogaloo Bois are now setting black people on fire. But please, Donnie Dumbo, keep telling us how BLM & Antifa's the problem.

      Another 4th of July, another shockingly brilliant publicity stunt from our very stable genius that's guaranteed to backfire, no pun intended. I'm amazed Trump didn't pick Stone Mountain for his fireworks show.

     You ever notice these racist asshats are only contrite AFTER they lose their jobs for being exposed as racist asshats? Yes, this is yet another Karen.

     Another tell-all book, another losing day in court for the Trump crime family.

     Jesus Christ, what the hell is the matter with these Karens? A baby? Really? And this woman may be a school teacher.

     Professional asshole Mark Taylor has a brilliant new theory as to why so many black men are suddenly being hanged. And finally...

     The last Karen o' the day. I promise.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(At this point, I'm surprised Trump didn't tear down the parts that Obama built.)

     In case you were getting tired of eating, here's Trump zooming in on a teenage girl...

     Oh, this is a bad-looking headline that has hair and warts all over it.

     Who else is secretly glad the RNC convention was moved to Florida this August?

     I'm getting the impression that the Army's circling the wagons on this one.

     Talk to some of my friends, Amanda. They may change your mind in a big hurry.

     On Juneteenth, Mike Pence couldn't bring himself to say, "Black Lives Matter."

    For you lawyers & legal wonks out there, here's what former U.S. Attorney and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman has to say about Barr's bungled attempt to fire Berman, Trump's own guy. Read the entire thread.

     So here's what they did in Georgia: The GA DOH presented COVID-19 cases out of chronological order to give the appearance of declining numbers when in fact the opposite was true. One more time: When you elect Republicans, people needlessly die.

     Republicans taking money from racists? Say it ain't so, Jim Crow!

    If Trump God forbid, gets re-elected, look for the silver lining- Democrats will still control the House, it looks as if they're taking the Senate and Trump's second term will be very brief and, like his first term, consumed with impeachment.

     Yeah, Trump's use of Nazi symbology just got worse.

     This will end well. Anyone have any final words for Tulsa before it disappears off the map?

     "If I lived in Vietnam and my name in your language sounded like Eat a D---, I would change it to avoid embarrassment." Speaking of eating a dick, Professor...

      Meme intermission.

     My son made the local paper.

     Bill Barr: "I have asked the president to remove you and he has done so."
     Trump: "No I didn't. I dunno know nuttin'!"

     Our nation's youth, as usual, gives me hope for the future.

    Meanwhile, this is what happens if you protest Trump and talk to the press even if you're there legally.

     "I got better hair." I can't believe that comb-overed evolutionary dropout went there.

     I was all but certain this asshole killed those two Florida women but the details were more horrific than I bargained for.

    This just endlessly disgusting. If you put a grifter in the WH, this shit WILL happen.

    Speaking of the pirates of the pandemic...

    "Oh, you want to go to a black neighborhood? We'll have to charge you more."

     Mercedes Schlapp. More like Ford Pinto.

     In other words, we've moved on to newer and better clowns and sideshows.

     That's why the PD closed down the road for them so they paint on it. Because they're not supposed to paint on the road.

     I didn't. I always knew it was Stone. I didn't need the partially unredacted Mueller report to tell me that.

    “Ah…if it did slow down, frankly I think we’re way ahead of ourselves.” WTF does that even mean?

     The Lincoln Project strikes again. Oh, this is gonna be one fugly summer.

     At the rate Trump's going, before the convention, he'll be doing night clubs and birthday parties.

     Woman not elected to anything writes book attacking man for not getting elected to anything who worked for a man also not elected to anything.

     A fascinating article about Fiona Hill and her work in the WH.

    Trump's ramp rant was nearly 1800 words of verbal diarrhea. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was 272 words.

     RIP, Joel. I loved your movies so much.

    Louisville has one polling place. Yes, you read that correctly Louisville, which is having its Democratic primary tomorrow, a place where there are over 600,000 registered voters, has just one polling place. ONE. In a state where there used to be 3000 polling places, there are now just 200. This is typical, racist Republican black voter suppression, This is the new Jim Crow.

     Good idea. Too bad it'll fail in the right wing Senate.

     Trump's Walk of Shame to some brilliant musical accompaniment. And finally...

     Listening to this Ari Melber interview with Christine Whitman made me realize something: The people who cluster around Trump really have the same mentality as storm chasers. They know the storm could turn on them and kill them at any moment but they're willing to risk that just to see the eye of the hurricane or the opening of the tornado's funnel.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Tulsa Time

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)
"I left Oklahoma drivin' in a Pontiac
Just about to lose my mind
I was goin' on to Arizona, maybe on to California
Where all the people live so fine
My baby said I was crazy, my momma called me lazy
I was goin' to show 'em all this time
'Cause you know I ain't no fool and I don't need no more schoolin'
I was born to just walk the line."  "Tulsa Time", Don Williams

During a weekend in which a dozen states had hit record highs for coronavirus cases (that included Oklahoma), Captain COVID thought last night would be the perfect time to hold his first rally since March 2nd (Well, the perfect time would've been Juneteenth, in his white-hooded mind). It was billed as a "campaign relaunch", Trump's grand comeback on a par with, as Trump sleepily reminded West Point cadets last week, General Douglas MacArthur returning to the Philippines. Campaign manager Brad Parscale at one point boasted of one million ticket requests and no doubt, if the Tulsa rally was held next week instead of last night, the estimate would've been higher than the national population.
    The stage was set, both of them, in fact, for the 993,000 that Parscale had promised for the overflow crowd that somehow failed to materialize. In fact, if this rally had a soundtrack, it would consist entirely of whoopie cushion rubber farts. As for the unused overflow stage, this is what the NY Times said: "Mr. Trump was furious about the unused outdoor stage and the comparatively thin crowd in the stadium, according to two people familiar with his reaction."
     In short, it was a flop, coming thisclose to being the Woodstock 50 of political rallies. And, just to be fair, the Trump campaign was outwitted by a shockingly brilliant counter culture that consisted of Steve Schmidt's 16 year-old daughter and her friends scarfing up 600 tickets all on their lonesome. Yes, the awesome minds of the Trump Train were outwitted by dastardly devious adolescents on TikToc.
    Predictably, right wingers took to the talking head circuit this morning delivering their autopsy results of the Tulsa rally. Mercedes Schlapp told Chris Wallace on Fox that 5,000,000 actually watched the rally last night on that same network before Wallace told her to "stop filibustering" and reminded her that not only do Trump's apologists "look silly" but that the overflow section was more deserted than the Sahara.
    Inside, it wasn't much better, with the BOK arena (maximum capacity approximately 19,100), filled barely more than a third of its capacity. But the right wing, of course, had a response for that: It was radical protesters who scared off Trump's big bad base of patriots with all their Second Amendment solutions. But the reality is, one of the few documented protests was this poor woman who was dragged off by Tulsa police on live national television and forced to undergo a "psychological assessment."
     So, the Million Moron March promised by snake oil salesmen Parscale and Trump wouldn't even fill a single A ballpark. Ergo, true to form, Trump's people (at least those not sick with coronavirus as are six members of his advance team), in tried-and-true propagandistic fashion, tried to bunch as many unmasked people tightly together as possible, which aren't exactly optimal conditions during a pandemic featuring a frighteningly communicable virus, to manufacture the illusion the arena was more filled than it actually was.
     Last night's rally was billed as Trump's "campaign relaunch" because it had come on the heels of two concurrent and highly-publicized polls in which CNN reported Trump was losing to Biden by 14 points and the infamously right wing Rasmussen poll last week that showed him losing by 12. So, at a time when Trump could have used his first rally in almost four months to address Americans as a whole, he decided to throw more red meat to his dwindling base, blaming China for the pandemic, calling it "Kung Flu" and attacking the media in attendance on which he nevertheless heavily depends for his exposure.

I Walk the Line... Slowly
To show those that he suffers slights and criticism with a long, vengeful memory, Trump spent a full 14 minutes last night demonstrating his ability to walk, except he didn't, stopping awkwardly at a ramp, and blamed his leather-soled shoes for his walking down like a 13 month-old toddler at West Point. For good measure, he also manufactured an imaginary conversation with the general who'd walked down the ramp with him with no difficulty. He also assured us he was still capable of drinking with one hand then throwing the glass across the stage. Like a toddler having a tantrum (To be fair, that bit actually earned him a standing ovation).
    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is what we're reduced to- The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, the man with the ultimate authority over our nuclear arsenal, felt the need to demonstrate that he has the gross motor skill set of a toddler. It would have made for great bathos were it not for the deadly seriousness of the situation in which Trump's greed, vindictiveness and solipsism had placed us.
     For instance in the line that's going to be most heavily-used in Biden, Democratic down ballot and Lincoln Project ads more than any other last night will be this gem, "When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people. You’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people slow the testing down please." Yes, he went there again. It doesn't even matter if this was another of his imaginary conversations. The proof is in the pudding and all one needs to do is check the CDC's own website to realize that, coming up on five months since the coronavirus hit us, our nation's population had been tested only 26,781,666 times in a nation of 328,000,000 people. Yes, after all these months, over 300,000,000 of us still have not been tested. That's over 92%.
     The sparse crowd's reaction to that intended applause line was confused laughter but most remained silent, perhaps wondering in their reptilian brains, "Wait, ain't testin' supposed to be a good thang?" Well, yes, yes it is. Because without testing, contact and vector tracing can't properly begin. Anyone who has spent even a few minutes on reputable websites that disseminate correct information about coronavirus knows this.
     Instead, our country is being led by a man who earnestly believes that the fewer people you test for a deadly, highly-infectious disease the better. Because the artificially suppressed numbers make him look better. He honestly does not care how many of his fellow Americans are infected, at how many die, and he doesn't want you to know, either, at least until election day. Instead, here's what he does want you to know about him and his elitist critics but mostly him:
    "I look better than them. Much more handsome. Got better hair than they do. I got nicer properties, I got nicer houses, I got nicer apartments, I got nicer everything."
    As a harbinger of things to come, it rained torrentially on Trump in DC yesterday afternoon on his way to Tulsa. The ambience hadn't improved much on his return, nor had Trump's mood, when a AP photographer captured him walking back from Marine One on his way back to lonely luxury. As he marched across the wet lawn, clownishly long tie undone, head down, gripping a MAGA cap in his left hand in anger and frustration, it looked as if inescapable reality that he won't be in the White House much longer, that he will be vulnerable to countless federal investigations and lawsuits and not having the shield of the presidency to protect him, was finally catching up to Trump and, even with his infamously hermetic mind, was beginning to seep in.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Hearing Room Where It Didn't Happen

     I just downloaded John Bolton's book (Being an author myself, I usually revile pirate sites but fuck Bolton and fuck Simon & Schuster. They're not getting a penny of my money) and these are some hilarious takeaways in the early going. Here's what Bolton says on page 11:
      "As the days passed, more Cabinet and senior White House positions emerged publicly, including, on November 23, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the UN, with Cabinet rank, a bizarre step to take with the Secretary of State still unchosen. Haley had no qualifications for the job..."
      Like Bolton was? He was such a bad candidate for the job that Bush had to shoehorn him in as recess appointment because the Senate reviled him so much. He had the diplomatic credentials of a rabid honey badger.
      Then he wrote this on page 10:
      "New threats and opportunities were coming at us rapidly, and eight years of Barack Obama meant there was much to repair."
      Would the Iran nuclear deal be among them, you know, the one Trump walked away from? Walking away from a mutually beneficial deal of that importance wouldn't meet most peoples' definition of "repairing."
      He continues:
      "I had thought long and hard about America’s national security in a tempestuous world: Russia and China at the strategic level; Iran, North Korea, and other rogue nuclear weapons aspirants."
      I guess he didn't think hard enough about North Korea because it was on his watch when he was Undersecretary for Arms Development that Kim Jong Il got the Bomb.
      I'll assume Bolton leaves out the part in which he pressured his wife to have group sex and chased a USAID public relations executive named Melody Townsel through the halls of a Moscow hotel late at night stalking and harassing her for two weeks..
     Then, in the exact middle of the book on page 28, he has this to say about doing away with the NSC's office for pandemic response:
     "Other criticisms of the Administration, however, were frivolous. One such complaint targeted an aspect of the general streamlining of NSC staffing that I conducted in my first months at the White House. To reduce duplication and overlap, and enhance coordination and efficiency, it made good management sense to shift the responsibilities of the directorate dealing with global health and biodefense into the existing directorate dealing with weapons of mass destruction (biological, chemical and nuclear). The characteristics of bioweapons’ attacks and pandemics can have much in common."
     That's utter bullshit. Even I know that with a bioweapon, you generally know the origin, whereas you wouldn't necessarily know that with an incidental and random pandemic. One part of the NSC's office was tasked to respond to a bioweapon attack and necessitating a military response and the other one, the one Trump and Bolton smashed to smithereens, was tasked with responding to a genuine pandemic that requires more intensive efforts in terms of contact and vector tracing. That would have been the medical response coming from an office that Dr. Fauci wistfully said "would've been nice" to work with.

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Because if you're unwilling to turn into a rotting corpse for your president, you're unAmerican!)

     Personally, I think Kellyanne's having an affair.

     He's completely fucking insane. Some lowlights from his WSJ interview:
     “The only thing I liked about Bolton was that everybody thought he was crazy. When you walk into the room with him, you’re in a good negotiating position, because they figure you’re going to war if John Bolton was there.”
     "I personally think testing is overrated, even though I created the greatest testing machine in history.”
     “I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous.”
     “They put their finger on the mask, and they take them off, and then they start touching their eyes and touching their nose and their mouth. And then they don’t know how they caught it?”

     The Supreme Court, "a shotgun blast into the face" of conservatives? In other words, your boy Neil Gorsuch pulled a Dick Cheney on you?

     The Republican Party is so sick even their Governors are named after diseases.

     Trump's using Nazi concentration camp symbols in his campaign ads, against Antifa. Does Trump actually think he's running against Antifa instead of Biden?

     Another very fine lunatic heard from.

     Strange bedfellows, indeed. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Whataburger is racist, plain and simple. Three black football players were complained about by a racist white woman, the manager gave her free food because of her trauma of actually seeing black people, she called them the N word, the players complained about the abuse then the manager threatened to call the cops on them.
      One more time: Whataburger is racist to the core and obviously they base their very policy on it. Their manager was never fired and "retraining" will not eradicate racism.

     Blame the beer. Right.

    Meme intermission.

    Beethoven being black makes sense since his 5th Symphony was actually the first version of "Fuck da Police.."

     Shockingly, he's a Republican. This is why friends don't let Republican friends attempt humor.

     I usually never link to Vice because, whether or not you know it, it was co-founded by that asshole who used to be the leader of the Proud Boys. But this article is simply too good not to link to.

     Somehow, it doesn't surprise me this was in Northern Kentucky.

     Just find out who he is, then get him fired. You all know how this works by now.

     McConnell shoehorned his protege into the federal judiciary while a pandemic relief bill gathers dust on his desk.

     Let the massacre begin...

    They're deluded if they think this right wing asshole will budge an inch to the left on this. He's no more interested in police reform than Trump.

    We need to dislodge this asshole and kick the Republicans out of their majority. This bill would close the loophole that allowed Dylann Roof to buy that handgun he used to kill nine black parishioners five years ago.

     Well, light finally dawns on fucking Marblehead. If they can suspend my main account for putting up a picture of WW II soldiers as "the original Antifa", this is the VERY least they can do.

     A true, narcissistic megalomaniac. He literally thinks the entire universe revolves around him.

    Yeah, good luck shining sneakers because that's what most of us wear these days, asshole. Welcome back from the 19th century, what kept you?
      Or, in the immortal phrase from GOODFELLAS, "Go get your fucking shine box."

      Amy Klobuchar drops out of the VP hunt, saying, "Biden should choose an actual Democrat."

     Oh, I am going to miss him. I loved him as Ashe in ALIEN and as Jack the Ripper in FROM HELL. RIP, Sir Ian.

     That's a start but ONLY a start. All eight cops who were in on that botched raid that killed Breonna Taylor should be fired, arrested and charged with murder.

     Who the fuck is Katie Hopkins and why the fuck should we care that she got permanently kicked off Twitter?

     As if it's not bad enough that Ill Douche is using concentration camp symbology in his attack ads, he's attacking an organization that doesn't even exist.

     Naturally, right wing "patriots" are screaming, "Tyranny!" after their Republican mayor called for a curfew. Tomorrow night's going to be real interesting in Tulsa. Then we'll see how many of these "Blue Lives Matter" assholes are for real.

     When are these right wing nut jobs going to realize this isn't a partisan issue?

     If our allies feel it looks as if we've given up, it's because Trump already has, not to say that he actually tried to get a handle on this.

     YOU felt trapped? Try having a cop's knee on your fucking neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Only THEN will you know the definition of "trapped."

      The Navy upheld Capt Crozier's termination even though Trump never read his letter. Meanwhile, Navy SEAL murderer Eddie Gallagher has a cushy job with the Trump campaign.

      Meanwhile in Mike Pence Country... And finally...

      It's gonna be real interesting in Tulsa tomorrow night.

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