It’s back on! 

The fabulous MILIEU 2020 Designer Showhouse in Houston, Texas will be held the next two weekends:

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 

After several postponements due to the virus, Milieu recently announced the new dates for what promises to be a beautiful designer showhouse featuring some of the most respected and well loved interior designers, such as: 

\Kathryn Ireland, Nicky Haslam, Lisa Fine, Shannon Bowers, Darryl Carter, Colette Van Den Thillart, Carol Glasser, Becky Cooper, Jennifer Vaugh Miller, Eleanor Cummings,  and…..drum roll please….Pamela Pierce!!!

The house was constructed by Jennifer Hamelet of Mirador Builders HERE 

Milieu was nice enough to give Cote de Texas readers a sneak peek at what’s waiting for those who will be visiting!!

Artist Rendering:  Daniel Heath

Here’s a first look at the Showhouse Kitchen by Shannon Bowers Designs!   I’m loving the look of the contemporary versus colonial.  The styling of the hanging baskets with the fabulous lanterns in the windows is so inviting.  There’s a plate rack above a modern table mixed with old world chairs and a banquette, built so that the table could be placed off-centered.

AND…there’s more!!!

Milieu was kind enough to share a photograph of the Dining Room by Glasser Cooper Interiors:  Carol Glasser and Becky Cooper.

Do you think they sent us this particular photo because Carol and Becky designed it and they know we are all such huge fans??

The dining room is classic Glasser-Cooper.  Sigh.   I love the striped rug, the slate gray coloring and the wicker chairs.  But…that bench!  Such a statement piece placed under an array of pottery – hung asymmetrically, which really catches your eye.   

The pottery comes from Casa Gusto which sharp-eyed readers will recall from the recent Cote de Texas blog story about this wonderful shop.

Casa Gusto produces these platters in Mexico and for the Milieu Showhouse, they custom colored them in slate gray for Glasser/Cooper, to match the fabrics in the Dining Room.

The platters are stunning and are the statement piece in the room.

Is this Houston or San Miguel de Allende?

The entire showhouse is painted in a mineral paint produced by Chateau Dominique HERE that Pam told me is absolutely GORGEOUS. 

Another sneak peek comes from the team of Colette Van Den Thillart and Nicky Haslam.   

This duo worked on the Master Bedroom and I spy a few Tree of Life design motifs and gilt sunbursts.  Before branching out on her own, Colette worked for 13 years as Creative Director for Nicky Haslam.   An interesting factoid, while earning her Masters Degree from the Wallace Collection, Colette wrote her dissertation on John Fowler’s Hunting Lodge – where Nicky lived for years and years.

The thought and effort put into just the few rooms we have glimpses of whets the appetite to see more.  There is a cohesiveness to the different rooms, and together the designers have created a house that a family could purchase as is, without changing a thing.  Hopefully, this type of Designer Showhouse will prove a new standard.

All I know is I can’t wait to see what the rest of the house looks like!

Visitors to the Showhouse will receive a Journal that includes all of the rooms, sponsors and partners.  Every room will have the listings of the designers’ sources if you want to purchase anything. 
  And, of course, Social Distancing will be practiced in the showhouse. 

The new summer issue of Milieu will be handed out at the Showhouse. 

Behind every Showhouse, is a beneficiary and the Milieu Showhouse’s beneficiary is Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer.

This season, with its terrible virus, has made us all more sensitive to the suffering of others.  

Let your heart open to Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer. This charity provides needy families with children in the last stages of terminal cancer with assistance in creating everlasting memories by providing last wishes, gifts, special events, family travel and financial assistance with household expenses.  The assistance is arranged through the parents and is anonymous to the child.  

To read more and perhaps donate to this special charity, please go to:  claytondabney.org

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