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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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Martin Shkreli for president 2024.


Covid-19 = 9/11

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national debt

(By way of comparison, it is estimated the worth of the Rothschild
banking cartel is $500,000,000,000 (Five hundred trillion dollars.)


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

June 23, 2020

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          This flu bug is throwing off my circadian.I doubtI got an hour’s sleep—so I got up and baked ten pounds of chicken.You know, so I don’t run short any time soon.The heat index is slated for 104° but there’s some unexpected cloud cover.Aching joints or not, I’ve got work to do.I was unable to taste my morning coffee so imagine the mood I’m in.I activated Forex trading for the week and have noticed they’ve really messed things up.And dead silence from the illustrious cadres of trainers, mentors, and support staff.The thing appears stuck on GBPNZD (pound-kiwi) transactions only, which is producing but I can tell when they’ve got themselves in a pickle.
          I’ve got unanswered questions and around six unreturned calls or e-mails.Possibly they think I’ll keep trying to get through.Nope, for that matter, they can kiss my beanbag.Instead, I noticed they had a knowledge base so I put the questions in there.We’ll see how they like that.Part of the problem with their webinar arrangement is you get too many non-answers and indirect responses.But the knowledge base, well, that might wake things up.Especially when I asked where the cancel button was located.I specified that “even if this question is not part of AuvoriaPrime training, I would still like to know the answer”.

          Pictures should start inching back into daily posts, but my illness just peaking now over the past two days is a reminder this blog is prose-based and any pictures are an extra.How about this photo of the door trim on my car?That’s fixed by Agt. M last week, and when the robot club fixes something, it stays fixed.Note the countersunk matching metal screw.

          The new bathroom circuit gets full coverage today because little else happened.One switch, six and a half hours, and it has me tired to the point I can barely sit.The reason is that today was a rare combination of clouds, a breeze, and I’m already running a fever.So I was able to get working on that attic wiring in 104°F heat index and barely notice my own temperature.I kept pushing on until the job was done.I’ll likely pay for this in the next 24 hours, but it was get this attic work finished or it might not happen until November.Normally I get delayed installing junction boxes.Today that was the easy part.
          The slowdown today was the fancy motion detector switch.This not only had to be wired exactly right, but required a three-wire cable.Somehow the manufacturer forgot to mention that on the box.This circuit taps into the old cloth-wrap which does not even have a ground wire.(I ground the box using an independent wire.)

          The detector where the old light switch was and I had to chop out a stretch of wall to run the 3-wire.This is an expensive product, but I don’t remember the price.Way up there.It has to sense both heat and motion, and has a memory for false alarms.When activated, it stays on until five minutes past the last reading.It also has an over-ride where you can turn it off or on manually, which is handy because we do have the odd cool day in Florida.You got to like these Internet-style pics, all clean, no cobwebs, no dust, looks easy.
          In this mode, it stays on or off for the same five minutes, then reverts to normal mode.I felt having the whole process built in would save headaches down the line.I also opted for a switched outlet rather that hard wiring the fan.Because I don’t know if the fan is the right size or durable enough.It can be replaced in five minutes.I chose to use the old switch location, because the door now swings open the other direction, blocking the sensor.Thus, it only operates when someone is in the bathroom and closes the door.Nifty.

Picture of the day.
Mr. Bangle's big bench.
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          Leaving the trim work for last, I got the project wired in and it worked right the first time.I had to make a few changes in the old wiring, as it has several spots where the switch is at the end of the run, so even when it is off, there is a hot wire at the socket.Here’s a better view of brand new NM cable being run into a 70 year old switch box.Think millimeters to spare.Nearby should be another picture of the fan mount.The switched outlet is in the upper right, missing the decorative plate cover.This installation came just in time as closing the door in this weather almost instantly makes the room uncomfortable.If this works, congrats for not having to buy a special air conditioner.
          The bathroom has a bunch of finishing and trim work to go.But everything is finally functional.It’s ready to go for visitation.I mean, basically it was, but not carefree and comfortable.Not that many months ago there was no flooring.The humidity was stifling so you had to leave the door open and hope nobody used the hallway.

          An inspection of the perimeter shows another spot of damage from the roof valleys.What happens is the debris builds up, forming a dam just over the downspout.Water collects in there and is able to seep under the shingles and onto my nice rafters and beams.And where is my epoxy glue for that fancy crystal doorknob.They don’t make those anymore.Tomorrow, because right now I’m exhausted.By late afternoon, the fever broke but I saw myself in the mirror, my tee shirt plastered against my torso.The west coast Indians had a sweat lodge, well that’s what I comparing it to.No more fever and a bit of flavor is returning.
          How about that faction that wants Father’s Day shared with single mothers.I tell them to stick it.Once again, it is not about the idea, it’s about the concept of forcing other people to observe it.If you want to attach to a movement, how about demanding a news channel that is nothing but “a dry recitation of the facts”?Here’s a quip that says there’s a sizeable group out there who paste their passwords, which shows they’ve missed the point.I could see Google users clicking the “remember” box, because Google appeals to naturally stupid people.

          So youTube is having a conniption over that advertising workaround, which caught on like wildfire.Revenues took a nosedive but they won’t get the message.People don’t like advertising.They argue that it is advertising that creates the content, but I think most people would rather have a smaller selection with no ads.Using the Internet for money is an outcome of American greed.It was supposed to be for sharing information, posted by interested parties, and free in exchange for information back.We may live to see that yet as youTube increasingly violates people’s right to free expression.
          Apple has the right idea.They are making there next generation of computers a tough go for ad trackers.Even so, I support legislation that makes every tracker appear on your screen with the option to block all.Have you ever watched brilliant.org, a series of science documentaries made for youTube?That narrator has to be the worst of the worst, whoever thought this guy was easy to follow has been chewing too many disco biscuits.I’m not a member because of privacy concerns (even the “free” trial requires links back to you).

          Later, maybe I spoke too soon.Instead of fever I’ve got the sweats, yet turning the slightest fan on to alleviate things causes barely controllable shivering.Can’t even nap because the general pain won’t let me drop off.Am I worried?Nope, I’ve been in this zone before.I tend to keep busy, in this case, I fixed that fancy doorknob.That area needs a fancier floor, but nothing permanent until I eventually install the new water heater.I can’t really move around without feeling unstable but not as bad as vertigo.It’s like walking in a daze coupled with an internal exhaustion.It’s been four days now, maybe five.
          It’s more like a super low-energy jet lag.It’s not that I’m prone to such conditions either.For instance, most people who get on an airplane have their smell and taste organs thrown off.This is the source legendary “bad” airline food.Not me, I rather like airplane fare, but I heard they don’t serve it any more.I was further surprised to learn there has never been a verified case of predatory pricing.It seems when a party complained the competition was selling at less than cost, they meant their cost, not the competition’s.

          So much for recovery, instead I’ve entered a new phase with all the classic flu or cold symptoms.It’s uncomfortable enough that I wake up every half-hour and in no time at all, I exhausted to the point of putting everything on hold.I can’t even read, my usual pastime when activity is enforced.Blog rules, I have to record this, and I’m so light-headed I can’t focus on what I’m reading.So, I did some research on SpaceX, probably the only hope in my remaining lifetime of a Mars landing.That would be the culminating event of my era.
          I’m more interested in the construction and design.They are finally mass producing the boosters.The projection is a moon landing in 2024, I hope that doesn’t bog down into another near-Earth debacle like that insipid space shuttle.The people behind that one should be prosecuted.The heavy booster can lift "five times as much", so keep an eye on that.Also they want to do an Arecibo on the back side of the Moon.Although these structures tend to have dubious goals, it would be sheltered from electromagnetic waves and it might find something useful.As an example of useless, they are looking at the magnetic fields of exoplanets when the focus should be Mars, Mars, Mars.(The mention of this mission on this date in 2004 is an anniversary coincidence.)
          SpaceX is falling prey to the old NASA boner of putting people on board not because they are the best qualified, but because they are women, black, ethnic, or whatever.You think they'd learn by now.

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Monday, June 22, 2020

June 22, 2020

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          Happy Barbarossa day.I was down with this cold all day.Most I could do was take measurements for future projects and feed the birds.Them squirrels sure are persistent about the birdfeeder.It’s been a while since the shield went up but they spend a half-hour at a time trying, mostly acrobatics.They are so well-fed they are just looking for desert.
          Here’s one I get a laugh at, the Firefox VPN offering.It’s always sad humor when a company that promises you privacy but collects your name, address, and credit card information.If I thought I could get away with it, I’d write a website that really allowed cash, that is, anonymous payment.I’ll bet the tax department would be camping on my doorstep, but what about these AuvoriaPrime coders.Like a C+ types, sooner or later they will be found out or just walk away to the next project.It’s a thought.

           [Author’s note: picture added later, supper, fresh caught in the Florida Peace River.]

          That heat index was almost a hundred, enough to find me up on the roof.The shingles will last one or two more years.I cannot find the leak, but the flashing in the valleys is much newer than the shingle and in great shape.Obvious first thing to try is new roof sealant along the shingle flaps that but the valley.I can’t stay up there more than ten minutes without ducking under the A/C.I wonder if those dark blobs you see on some Florida roofs are people who stayed up too long.The shingle substrate is fine but the sign for replacement is when the surface granules begin to loosen too easily.
          Time to price out a replacement, I’ve done this a few times in my life.While up there, always tack down a thin new layer of plywood as reinforcement.Florida repairs have made me a fan of tarpaper, though some of that waterproof wrap is recommended.Depends on the price difference.As before shop Home Depot for the price because trying to get that information out of Lowe’s has sunk to millennial grade.I priced both extremes ranging from $34 to $65 a square.That’s per bundle, a square cover 33 square feet if memory serves.The pricier stuff is nice, how it emulates shakes, but it would draw to much attention to the property.

          Also, both suppliers are guilty of the Wal*Mart scam.They don’t put in bold print if it is available at the store, hoping you’ll drive over there and then it’s the old next-day shipping scam that doubles the price, but you might do some revenge shopping.This is the reality of how the American scumbag class lives.That’s my label for the leftists who can’t get jobs because they let in 30 million illegals, so they resort to small scale ass-hole-ism, which ranges from cell phone plans to abusing the word “free”, to MLM trading schemes.What?I’ll get to that.Right now I have a roof to measure.
          I’m back, it’s a mystery why the house is so small when I need to set up a work space, but so big when I have paint or shingle.There’s the total, that roof need 28 bundles of shingles.The cheapest brand works out to $1,033 just for the shingles, that’s with tax.I should look in the $1,200 range to do it myself.That will require a cold winter day.I wonder if I could get away with just re-tarring all the loose pieces?The bad area cannot be seen from the street.

Picture of the day.
Mat-Su Valley.
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          I need 924 shingling nails and four rolls of tarpaper.That’s doable, but the light duty today of hosing off the roof and raking out leaves got the better me..Can’t leave them there because they eventually become inhabited by ants or termites.And a 30-foot ladder is becoming a necessity.Whoever did the old roof was an expert.Every angle and tab lines up perfectly.As it stands, right now I could not lift a single pack up that ladder, though I may give it a try.I can store them out of sight on the north side, completely hidden by the tree canopy.Maybe I’m underestimating myself.The bundles weigh –sumbitch, the millies have quit posting the weight, but it’s the need to hoist them on my shoulder left-handed that gives me pause.That’s fine, I can always take them up a few at a time.I’ve got all the time in the world.If I recall, three-tab shingles weigh around 65 pounds per bundle.I agree only to try.
          Another item I didn’t watch for is older houses sometimes have new shingles put right the old, up to three layers.After a few bloopers today thanks to this cold or whatever I got, I’m making no decisions until my noggin clears up.If you see any pictures, good for you, I must have got inspired.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

June 21, 2020

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          I was down with a cold all day.Feed the birds and inspect the roof.That’s my accounting of the day.It’s cold that makes your bones ache and I was blaming all the hard work I’ve been up to.It attacks knees, elbows, and across the back of the shoulders.My plan for such events is day-long siesta.I watched action movies between naps.Not power naps, to get comfortable I had to move the bed under the air conditioner so my head and shoulders stayed cool but from there down under the electric blanket to alleviate the aches.It’s as much fun as it sounds like.
          Where possible, I did some extra research and reading.Ha, the Democrat leftists are lashing out how Trump is using voter information software to “capture your identity, your location, and even your Bluetooth? functions.”Funny how they never said it when Obama was doing even worse.They are forcing a showdown this November when all this crap is either going to pay off or they crumble as an entity.

          [Author’s note: picture added later, a wild turtle from Harbor Heights, this guy is a real old-timer.]

          Most liberals I've met tend to be a self-centered lot of under-achievers.Never having succeeded at anything, they cannot be expect to admire those who have.It is more to a liberals advantage to drag everyone down to their level, so we will always have such people.Liberals tend to be uneducated, which is identical to indoctrinated in many ways.They become liberals because they have a sick need to belong that they cannoto achieve any other way--if you ask me.I see there is another $150 “laptop” on the market.It will be as useless as all forerunners.
          And for the guys that took embarrassing or illegal photos, scrambled the faces, and posted on-line, they now have an A.I. app that is great at unscrambling.For porno people, it serves you right—they arrive in the early dawn and surround your house.

          How about that new Taiwanese jet trainer?It’s another copy of US technology with Israeli underpinnings.It’s main advantage is coming in at half the price of alternatives and costing less than $1,000 per hour of flight time.But those numbers are secret, so don’t quote me.Further, I did not notice that other than the two-set configuration, the unit is identical to most armed attack aircraft in its class.

Picture of the day.
St. Kirill Monastery.
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          Have you seen any of the documentary called “Soviet Storm”?It’s a series based on the exploits of the war in the east, with the Germans invading in 1941.It’s amusing but highly inaccurate because the research is based on the after-war versions of events that have been shoved down people’s throats by the controlled western media.Most clips of Hitler are taken out of context and the entire footage edited to cast Germany in a bad light.Most blatant error was that Germans attack in overwhelming force, when in fact they attacked only at selected spearheads which were very narrow compared to the length of the front.
          Another is that the Soviets were taken by surprise.The craziest lie is that the Soviets had no designs of their own.They had an armed force prepped only for attack.Today’s version say Hitler lied when he said the attack was pre-emptive.He knew the Soviet doctrine was to conquer all of Europe.During the German unrush, front-line units reported everywhere they saw nothing but preparations for the attack.And, of course, the series uses the terms “German” and “Nazi” as if they were synonymous.

          This documentary series follows the formula for demonizing the Germans and introduces no new information.For a chuckle, listen to the background music.When the camera is on Germans, ominous thundering in the background.But when showing Soviets, mostly lullabies.There is a twist in this video that addresses the Soviet attack preparations.It claims they were going to attack only the flanks of invading armies.The problem with that is they were massed in the wrong places for that.
          One more consideration is the inefficiency of the Soviet system.Somehow, with five times the population, they managed to get themselves outnumbered by the German forces in the area.The Soviets had three belts of defense.A defensive move would have meant the instant of an attack, move the two outside belts to the center, which should be sighted in the best locations for meeting the German armor.They were not, often positioned by a line on a map.But, I wasn’t there and I’m just opining.

          As for the chickens, I won’t take them until they are grown to the extent they can fend for themselves.

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Saturday, June 20, 2020

June 20, 2020

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          Complete olfactory and gustatory numbness.At least it isn’t Covid-19.I got up this morning unable to smell or taste a thing.What kind of day can it be when I can’t taste my grits and coffee?I even tried the Reb’s wasabi cure.It cleared things up but zero flavor.I’ve had it bad before, but this round is complete shut down the flavor buds..Just don’t go thinking it curbs the appetite.If so, I’d like to catch this bug for another 30 pounds. The hunger part remains.I closed the books on the 3-way switch.It totaled $71.14 in materials.This caused me to go over the books where I found a small glitch, nothing material, just a wrong daily average formula.Let’s have a look at some daily costs in contemporary America.
          Tennessee has shifted my spending patterns like nothing before.And music has again become an expense category.Nowadays, each month I spend $164 on groceries because I cook at home.My largest expense is entertainment, but that is about to take a huge plunge.Gasoline is $77 per month for local consumption.I still average $49 per month at the thrifts and overall expenses living like I do are just under $1,100 per month.But don’t you try this.It costs money to stand still and do nothing in this country.

          Trivia.The last typewriter factory closed in 2009, but it might be coming back.What?The factory was in India and producing 12,000 units per year.They got wiped out by computers, but take a guess where there may be a new demand.Government agencies.Privacy concerns may bring these unhackable mechanical devices back for use in defense, courts, and hush-hush government offices.The last typewriter ever designed was in 1989, it was Canon’s electronic Typestar 110.
          With a day’s delay, that attic work caught up to me.I forget how many times I said I was up that ladder.The reality was around ten times with a different muscle group that yard work.It’s a tiredness or weariness that emerges from your bones into your muscles.So I was lucky to have the get-up to pack the equipment and set up.We are talking a four hour nap before gig time.Suboptimal conditions.

          We finally found where Matilda is laying her egg a day.The postal driver across the lane has an outdoor washer and Matilda must like that lid.My chicken coop has been overgrown with kudzu from disuse.But remember Sandi, the catering lady?Seems her teen got on line and ordered two baby chickens.Put them Sandi’s credit card.I have no idea what age they can be left on their own.No promises, but my yard is chicken-ready.Can you see the coop under all that growth?

Picture of the day.
Lake Schrecksee.
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          This picture shows the roof problem.Where the valley runs down, a pile of leaves accumulated near the eave.This stays wet long enough after a rain to cause problems.I’m tempted to line the entire spot with flashing because that’s a hard spot to clean.There is nowhere to stand without the crap falling on your head.Tomorrow we commence.Blog rules, I have to record the top stories.

          Tonight was a flop.This is a term from my pre-teens, allow me to explain the vocabulary.The gig was a flop, not a bomb or a wipeout.A flop means not enough people showed up to make the gig pay.There can be unfathomable reasons for this, never blame yourself.For all you know, somebody up the block was giving away free beer.Now a bomb, that is when there’s lots of people show up, but they don’t like your music.To a musician like me that is the worst that can happen, so I got off easy.A wipeout is when another band nearby puts on a show that grabs your crowd.
          All evening, maybe 8 people wandered in and 6 of them came to play pool in the side room.I played the full allocated time, carefully noting errors, and there were plenty.The barmaid loved it.Foremost, I don’t have enough material, I need another twelve tunes minimum.The PA is also “bassier” at club volumesThat could prove tricky.A short term solution is to find a venue that suits what I can do until I’ve got my 100 hours stage time.That’s an arbitrary number I chose after finding it unwise to make major changes before then.

          Which tunes did best?Dwight and Johnny.The age group that did show was late-twenties so I suspect many of them had never even heard much of this.Tips zero, the crowd looked skinflint so none were expected.All night two rounds but stepping out back to “get something from the car” every hour.What took me by surprise was how quickly I tired, which is directly related to that work in the attic.It could not wait till morning and I had to press on a few times.Once again, the solution is to play sitting down, but I’m not good enough yet and to me standing is a hallmark.
          Afterward, I stopped at the Fubar for the birthday party.Again, a small crowd, and same checking at the old club on the way home.This plain happens around here.I used to get broke past the middle of the month myself, don’t overlook that dynamic.There’s nothing a hot shower won’t cure, so I got home and turned in on the aching shoulders.I didn’t use that muscle group much but it complains the most.Good old-fashioned muscle ache, like I used to get on the farm.The mild cold I have doesn’t help matters.How was your day?

          Just some junk news, since I’m all rested up.How do you like those news feeds showing the empty arena at the Trump rally, claiming he’s failing.Yeah, they should come back later when the rally starts.Another study at MIT reports face recognition is “racist”.It keeps picking out latinos, blacks, and Asians.The illustrious MIT people don’t seem to have considered that maybe the software is working.In good news, Adobe Flash is dead.Those bastards led the way with their phony updates, forcing users to download spyware by disabling earlier versions.Good riddance.They were even beginning to infect Apples.
          Napster may be back in a new form.The classic American road to riches involves using your fortune to block others from doing the same.It’s worked for Chevrolet, MicroSoft, Coca-Cola; the tactic has proven its worth.Where Napster was used for pirating, the new Napster seeks to prevent it.How it works is nothing new, rather a conglomeration of bastardized tactics.It plans to embed watermarks in new digital movies which prevent playback unless the use has “the necessary permissions” (plural).It will work of your phone or your TV, both equipped to tattle on you and no doubt there are those stupid enough to think it will stop there.

          It also employs a good old web crawler which scans the Internet for unauthorized copies.They claim the watermark cannot be removed without destroying the image.We shall see.The plan also has a “mechanical” component, calledP2P Polluter.When it finds a network with a pirated copy, it floods that site with thousands of polluted copies of the file, nothing new there.Where do I stand?I’d say against.I’m against any system that, for its success, involves monitoring people without their consent.And I don’t think anybody buys a phone or TV with the view to have it spy on them.And breaking the package seal is a far cry from proper consent, DC.
          Secondly, their numbers are still based on the fake narrative that each person who could not get a pirated copy would go out and purchase a valid copy.This is utter nonsense.The ultimate goal for Napster, and here it comes, is to release first run movies same day for a price tag of $50.If you need the real reason the industry is ailing and people pirate, there’s your answer.
          Like cable TV, let them price themselves out of the market.

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Friday, June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

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Random years ago today: June 19, 2007, bannock recipe.

          Ha, there is a touted new group of C++ training videos on line (no link) so I tapped in to have a boo.Don’t waste your time, all the videos reveal is that the so-called experts themselves barely have a grip on the code.One of the worst aspects of C++ and related languages is variable names.To them, “myValue” and “MyValue” are two different variables.Not when you are talking on the phone, or when you’ve got a millennial who hates his shift key.Good morning.For some, I mean, as T-Mobile follows AT&T to inform hundreds of employees there are “no longer needed”.Don’t come crying to me, any of you.I predicted this by quitting, let’s see, over 24 years ago now.
          It’s eat anything I want Friday so when I woke famished, I went for the three egg ham & onion omelet.I can’t taste it.Just great.The sniffles and sore throat are gone, but so are my taste buds.That’s a disappointment; I should have clued in when I could not smell the onions sautéing.If I want to eat food with no flavor, I’ll go to Olive Garden.As you’ve figured, I was listening to Tampa radio while working on the3-way switch.All day, so you can skip out if you want.

          For instance, here is a pic of the attic crawl space.It’s been so long, I just had to upload today's view.The planks have warped, but generally the insulation and a rainy day made it not too bad up there.I was only up the ladder twice and the switch worked right the first time.I’ve got a critter nest to get rid of and I was reminded of a dozen small chores still to finish up, like insulating under the planks.
          I’ve been prompted to explain the significance of this switch.It is the first “luxury” necessity on this project.The bathroom with two medicine cabinets and the work shed are not by any means luxuries.So this marks the turning point of finally embarking on some finishing touches.The light was a requirement, but I just lived some years with the one switch.

          News from Bryne.He went to California in 2012 and found the place to be a hell-hole.Odd, because he ran a business there, in Carmel, and I thought he had a soft spot for the state.If so, that’s history and he now thinks it is the most screwed up state of all.I have not lived there since 1991.He developed a medical condition, and get this.His doctor told him to leave the state because he would get no help for the reason he was white.It was serious, he spent a few days in a coma.Maybe I’ll drive out to see him before it’s too late.He now has stents, welcome to the club, I have “more than five” myself.
          Yep, he’s right.The system has been infected by the liberal virus, strange because they are the least liberal faction in America.The BLM people are claiming the media is racist because their coverage of the protests showed “only black rioters”.How much more proof do you need, huh?TMOR, it’s wise to remember these leftist are a minority, but they had a twenty-thirty year free rein to label all opposition as racist, biased, or Nazi.
          Very few people believe in their cause, but they were terrified to quote any facts or views for fear of being labeled.Then along came Trump and peeled that away—being called racist has less meaning now than I can ever remember.It’s more the sign of the name-caller has just lost the argument.And the entire libtard movement is going ballistic.Like we don’t observe 24 of the 27 cities with riots were Democrat hotbeds.In fact, it is drawing the majority whites together more than any politicking ever could.This November will indeed be interesting.

Picture of the day.
Pitcairn Island.
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          I’ve once again become a consumer of CDs.My show remains set up for that format and compared to some of the new MP3 playback devices, it’s easier to use.Most shows get a custom CD burned until I have a selection that fits most audience profiles.Over the years at the computer shop, my equipment gradually got updated to the point I have the best of everything.It’s amazing what people will leave in a computer they don’t want back.This morning my best CD burner, a rare Pioneer DR-966 (I think, the label is worn) started to issue data verification fails. That sucker would copy anything when set at the slowest speed.DMCA-ers, eat my dust. After a decade and a half of stirling service, once the laser gets misaligned, it’s game over.
          Not to be dismayed, I ran through my song list and it went surprisingly well.A lot of the tone and balance glitches are worked out and I breezed through all the intros.I still need a foot pedal handy, but if I can get that sound tomorrow, I’ll be truly happy.It’s going to be the Fishman only, maybe the fact it lacks a powered out put is the reason they call it the Solo.Just kidding, there.The bar manager says the only reason for failure she’s ever seen is when a band is so bad people want to play the juke box.I should be able to avoid that.

          Then back to the lighting wires and by late afternoon, that my hand by the ladder as I test the switch.The fact it worked perfectly is not over my understanding of the wiring, but that I followed the directions very closely.There’s still a nest of loose hanging wires behind the fridge.I had to knock out some more drywall and improvise a hammer-drill to get through that one old cross-brace.It can wait, it’s safe, just not pretty.Elliot sends me an article about the Canadian government launching an investigation into a hospital.
          Seems the staff was taking bets on the blood alcohol reading of drunk Indians proud First Nation Aboriginals admitted for treatment.Most of them would not know what a buffalo looks like, but let’s not quibble.Whites took their land just like they took it from the Clovis culture, but recent scientific studies have proven that only white people can be racist.So it is only bad when white people do it.This raises the same question I asked about Hawaii in the 1980s when the Chinese “natives” bitched about the white man.Does this mean they’d prefer some other race come in there and take them over?If so, which one?It’s not like they could exist on the biggest island in the middle of the biggest ocean and not have somebody invade.

          Big kerfuffle in the Middle East as an Israeli soldier gets 45 days light duty for shooting a “Palestinian fisherman”.Really?I’d like to hear the soldier’s side of this.What was a fisherman doing along a stretch of border fence famous for violent demonstrations?The message is simple, don’t harbor or hang with terrorists.I wonder what I would do if any moved in next door to me.My interest in the situation is that the Palestinians, despite how many years now, have never developed any court system, or economy, or any real civil organizations of their own.Yeah, I get it, they started as refugees.But didn’t we all?Still, that was 70 years ago, not that they’d ever managed it before, but they’ve had plenty of time.
          Hence, the only controlling force in the area is the Israeli military.They don’t appear to open fire without provocation, but nor can you expect them to do anything to make their soldiers hesitate when threatened.I know what it is like to be the only one around who is facing the reality of the situation.Nobody listens until it’s too late and you just know they are going to drag you down with them.Did I just describe the millenialization of America?

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

June 18, 2020

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          Another week of Forex trading has netted 0.908%.That would be enough if not for the monthly rental fee on the software.And that’s what is beginning to rub.The “support” is just not there.Again this morning, I was on-line for the scheduled meeting and nobody was there.According to Zoom, the host never even activated the session.Folks, if you think you can cancel meeting arbitrarily, it’s probably a wise idea to quick calling them “scheduled”.The point of this week is that if we had not taken losses due to the software, our 11th week of trading would have averaged 2.397%, which is attractive enough.
          The problem is nobody will tell us how to cancel trades.This has two parts.First, we don’t usually notice the loss until the stop-loss feature fails.That’s question number one.The idea is to dump the trade fast, but we get treated to increasing losses because there is no command to sell and cut the loss.We’ve “lost” close to $300 over this issue already.

          This photo is the latest product to be millennialized.Change is not the same as improvement, and they’ve taken away the part of this plenum that made the pack easy to carry.What makes this into a millennial piece of work involves two key features.First, it’s a change that could have been done at any time in the past but nobody was enough of a prick.Second, it makes things just a little harder on the other guy.
          You see, unless you reach between the bottles and pick this version up with two fingers, which will quickly tire your grip, the only other way to pick it up with one hand is by one of the bottles.This is very inconvenient, I’ve had other bottles work their way out by gravity.So to save 1/1000th of a penny, some millennial jerk-wad had removed a primary function of the plenum, but retained its full ability to strangle sea turtles.Way to go, Brandon!

          News back from my medical pal says the sniffles and mild sore throat are not symptoms of the Covid flu.I needed that confirmation, considering I may be having brunch with his ex-ste-sister-in-law tomorrow afternoon.That reminds me, the yacht lady is ready to sell a lot of the things she knows will no longer be used.Remember those beautifully restored antique radios?That’s one fraction of what’s in that huge old house.I’ve written about this recently, but today was the official notice that things are up for sale.If things go right, I may invite her along.Still, a flu is a flu and I’ve got something.
          SpaceX has proposed building a floating spaceport off the coast of Texas.That’s using your noggin, Elon.My biggest regret is I likely won’t live long enough to see the results and my dream is to hear they’ve found life elsewhere than Earth.The sobering effect that would have on so many loudmouths alone would make it all worth it.I’m going to presume something.That our enemies places like China and Democrat party headquaters are going stir crazy.Just when they think they’ve gained on the USA, they are reminded that this country is so rich we have private citizens launching rocket ships.

Picture of the day.
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          Guess what we did this afternoon?I would have to charge around $250 to make any money putting in a three-way switch.I was going to call it half done when I had the light fixture wired, but carried on until I have one of the switches in place.The easy one.The other involves going into the attic and fishing wire behind the fridge.I was up there less than an hour today, taking advantage of the wind and cloud cover.But that does nothing for the humidity.Wow.Anyway, while I had the wall apart and cutting drywall, I opted to put in another ceiling fan.The bracket is already installed up there, I was thinking ahead but did not yet know the final wall configuration.The combined kitchen dining area should work out quite cozy, even space for a comfy chair.That’s one chair.
          I fired off a two page letter to Bryne, catching up on things.He knows me only as a computer guy to plays bass.He’s a guitarist, but once again, not suitable for duo work for the same reasons as the rest.But, he’d be in his 70s by now and maybe mellowed a bit.Here’s a view of the switches.Left to right are ceiling fan (not yet wired), wall sconces, and the nearly-infamous 3-way.Don’t worry about the bare wires, each is on a separate branch and that one has no hot side yet.

          Ha, how do you like the police using social media to nab the lady tossing a Molotov cocktail into a squad car.Other crowd photos show she wore a T-shirt sold only on Etsy.They went over Poshmark customer lists and found the customer user name, which they matched to a LinkedIn account.They also noted the “Peace” tattoo and followed the delivery of the T-shirt to her home address.A classic.But it would not have worked on me.I buy nothing on-line in or by credit card, nor do I take deliveries at a home address.Anyway, if convicted she gets seven years.But being a woman, she’ll get off unless they decide to make her an example.
          Meanwhile, police departments have ramped up their training so that their body cams have a hard time recording any police brutality.They are on a massive sweep to grab cell phone data, not on criminals or suspects, but on everybody.Europe has been too quiet lately, something is cooking over there.How about #whitestrike?They are advocating white people simply don’t keep providing and see how long these wokes and justice workers last without whites.And get a load of Zuckerberg trying to score brownie points by making anti-Trump statements.But what’s really pathetic is the claim that the media is biased because it riot coverage showed mostly non-whites.

          How about those European scientists who grew brain matter from Neanderthal DNA.Modern Europeans have 1% to 4% and a scientist named Camp has succeeding in isolating enough of it to grow what is called a mini-brain.You are not supposed to think he could have all the primitive DNA he wants for the asking by booking a flight to Minneapolis.No, you better not think that.It wouldn’t be nice.

          The eastern indigo snake that has taken up residency in my yard.I’ve noticed the lack of varmints for a while, even the larger raccoons and possums stay away.I wonder if there is any connection.Let’s look at the stats.It is the longest North American snake, reaching up to 8 feet, this one is a little over 5 feet.It is protected.They are immune to rattlesnake venom and will eat them.The glow of the scales is caused by the optical diffraction of light.It lives in gopher holes and it says the snake requires a very large home range, making it vulnerable to highway death.
          The snake feeds on fish, frogs, toads, lizards, small mammals, and birds.For the previous two days, the front yard as been unusually silent.Normal feeding time in the morning has not been evident.However, I saw the red cardinal so they are okay.Around noon the snake was sunning under the stairs by the side door.It’s still an elusive critter so I I get any good pics, it’s mostly luck.

          Here’s a profile of the Fishman in rehearsal configuration.The literature says small to medium rooms, but doesn’t define that.I’m taking a chance, it was loud enough for the Fubar.We need a nickname for the new bar in case they like my show.How about “Krazies”.Yeah, that’s connotative.Krazies has a longer, narrower projection area.If it can’t pump out sufficient volume, I will have to take back my Gigrack from Fubar right when they need it quite a lot.I’ve gone over every port on the Fishman and there is no powered output anywhere.I read the manual cover to cover with no results.

          This is why I originally considered the Boss model.It’s a similar format but has a connection for an external woofer.It was also three times the price.I’m limited to the few controls shown here, so I’ll allow extra time to match the acoustics.I’m no sound man but that’s part of the ambience.My people out west are sending me a lot of their fabled encouraging words.I was too busy all day to remember to put up “dance posters”.
          And in the part you don’t have to know, I’ve run the numbers on average attendance, that is occupied chair count on every club within sixteen miles of here.I know what to expect in each place depending on whether they have entertainment that night.I have a potential twelve locations, well more than enough, and one of the best ones is only ten blocks away.But I’m leaving that until last because I often stop in there myself.It was easy, I used the elaborate spreadsheet that mapped out for my bingo shows.In six years, I spent less than $1,000 of my own money on entertainment, not bad.
          One hard number I can tell you is I’m aiming for what they are paying the lousiest guitar players in the county.I know the ropes, how to get people who poke in for one to stay, how to get the regulars to hang around later, my goal is have the house experience a 15% increase in total sales.At the worst place in the county, that’s only a $120 extra dollars and I know I can generate that.I’m seeking $150 per night, plus tips and three free drinks on the house.I can’t supply the actual figures, but it should be obvious why I find music such a great hobby.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

June 17, 2020

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          The usual nerve tonic, I ran over my set lists first thing in the morning and everything went wrong.And we go live in around 96 hours.Mostly it was balance problems, the vocals or the MP3s would not mesh right.I got away with it a bingo because I was sitting down and worked two swell (volume) pedals.But with music, one pedal is it.I need the other foot to stand on.My case of the sniffles is abating, that’s a good sign.It kept me indoors and reading so I have some trivia for you.Tungsten, used for light bulb filaments, is getting rare and most of what’s left is in China.There are around 120 year’s supply left.
Did you ever wonder how they get that tiny filament wire to coil?While it is hot, they wrap it around a tiny core.
          When it cools, they drop the whole thing in acid and the core dissolves.You like trivia, do you?Okay, they only mine around 50 tons a year and tungsten is Swiss for “heavy stone”.We used to have more trivia in this blog, then I bought a house.It will be fun, they said.This picture is an award-winning lychee tree.I can’t find that picture, so here’s one of the tire tread of the truck that was used to steal my scooter.The cops say they don’t have enough evidence or witnesses to press charges.I was unaware witnesses were required for possession of stolen property.

          Another city burns and funny, there is no reaction from the authorities.Trump remains silent, which tells us he is aware that it is Democrat policy behind these riots.Clever, he lets Democrat politicians accuse whites who defend themselves as racist and how he lets the leftist press scream police shootings of unarmed blacks.The problem for the lefties is that nobody is buying it, rather it is building a seething hatred of all things “liberal” and that means the Democrat party.Today’s addendum elaborates on one incident.The people who scream Trump should do something, be advised that he is.He’s letting the left and their lackeys expose themselves like never before.
          I reached all these conclusions while roughing in that kitchen 3-way, now into the third day.Part-time, of course.This proves I have just as much grasp on the facts as anyone over at Huffington or the NYT.Running cable is not bad in a fan-equipped, insulated, attic with plenty of lighting.It’s the up and down that ladder ten times each stage that tuckers me.I seem to need a break after each round but be damned if I’ll hire anybody to stand around and had me the odd tool.That hardest part is drilling cable holes though that 70-year-old lumber.The final stage is running the cable and I’ve only got that half done.Every day shows a little progress.Even if I did lose one of my 3-way switches.Hold it, I just thought of something.What if it is already installed at the now-unused front door?

Picture of the day.
Swiss-German border.
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          I drove around to take down all the reward posters and thank the participants, who include Citgo, DollarTree, and Circle K.One mark of professional management is these places allowed me to put up the posters regardless of corporate policy.I don’t know which, but it was one of these location where the scooter was recognized.The missing plate is a problem but I have people out west ready to go to bat.I quit with the light after a few more hours.The snag is the old wiring, which was designed to save money on wire.I don’t mind a cable being hot at the switch, but many times one side of the line stayed hot at the fixture.
          Word has gotten ‘round about the Saturday gig.I had a hand in that, stressing it was “opening night” of a new act, you know, that a flop is possible. That should bring ‘em in, it’s a small town.Let them show hoping for a bomb, we’ll cash in on that, too.I’ll enhance the gig by putting up posters.It’s a neglected tactic due to the drunk driving laws, but it still works.Before I forget, I went around to all the businesses that let me post a reward for the scooter and personally thanked them, a nice touch.I know the scooter was spotted because of them but not which location.I’ve got the replacement plates underway, it won’t cost $300 a second time.What I can’t find is a regulation ignition, I may have to drive to Tampa, one of my least favorite cities.
          This photo is the core of my act.That DVD player in the background has a disk with the sets all mapped out.I learned this from bingo, use a DVD player because it displays the list of tunes.Years ago I saw one lady playing along to her cell phone, quite a good sound, but a mite too long between tunes.I’m holding the XLR plug, this is the only one I found and it is forty feet too long.But cables can’t be returned and I’m not shelling out for one until I know how well it works.

          The planning for a truck is well underway despite the lack of a budget.It doesn’t take much to calculate relying on Agt. R costs more than a good second-hand unit.It’s the insurance that kills, as always that industry mollycoddles the core group of bad drivers and applies the cost peanut-butter to all others.What?Peanut-butter?It’s an accepted accounting term, get it from context.For siesta today, I read a chapter on boat-building, the one about the limitations on speed based on the length of the boat.I could not follow the formulas.But it was noted that steam took over from sail not because it was faster, but because delivery times could be guaranteed.
          It gets more amusing each month, how the public is now going crazy to get back their privacy now that they’ve given it away.They want regulation and openness and accountability and all kinds of band-aid cures.Put the cat back in the bag, unscramble the egg.What a pack of morons.I was just reading how Zoom bowed to pressure to encrypt their services (E2EE for end to end encryption) but my advice is never say anything on Zoom you would not tell your worst enemy.The reaction of the authorities makes it plain that wire-tapping and surveillance have become routine in this once-free country.I’ve got a few words to say about that—words I first said in my teens.
          It is the laws themselves that have resulted in the lawlessness.The laws themselves and the unevenness with which the police enforce them.Besides, police should be more concerned with applying the law than enforcing it.What I said was the system, over time, creates its criminals by too many intrusive laws.With a few years of living here, the average person now knows how to cheat on taxes, pirate music, buy pot, work under the table, peel off license tabs, steal cable TV, drive without insurance, and so on.The authorities have nobody to thank but themselves for that.They’ve made it too expensive to obey the law.

          You know who else are a pack of pricks?Avira, the anti-virus people.Sure, they give a free version, but it isn’t free, you see.Their idiotic ads keep appearing with the close button disabled.They are pricks, not for trying to make a buck, but because once you’ve been told “no” say, twenty times, maybe it’s a good idea to GFY.Once again, the major reason I don’t subscribe to anything on-line is because there is no way to pay anonymously.Important detail, folks, it’s not me worried about my privacy because it has always been protected.

          That video of the man shooting the punks with the skateboards?Classic.The cowards thought four of them had a lone white man cornered, shouting they were going to kill him.The scene of that one dropping to the ground clutching his leg, that should be required viewing for all punks.I agree, the system is wrong, but rioting isn’t going to work.Mind you, I suspect organized violence may soon play a part in change, since change is not going to come fast enough from within.I like that term ‘white privilege’ as if we have it all our own way.I’ll tell you what I think the real problem is.
          Years ago, I was as poor as anyone and probably poorer because I could not run down to the welfare office.I worked, but just long enough in my life to develop something others around me did not.It is called infrastructure.Welfare breeds permanent dependence because it removes any requirementfor the recipients to create their own.I’m proud to say to this day, with my income less than most people, I live a pretty good life by comparison.I have infrastructure, and a lot of it is carefully put together to support only the things I need.Because I also have experience with parasites who will show up and demand a share of any surplus, real or perceived.

          As an example, look at the focus on my bass playing.It’s parallel to my situation when I was ten years old.If you don’t recall that, you have not read back far enough.It’s the best example I give of acquiring something valuable that the envious malcontents and squealing peasants cannot steal behind your back or demand you give them half.A good question is where on Earth would a mere ten-year-old develop this manner of thinking?He should be thinking about riding his bicycle or playing softball.Go back and read, my friend.I’ve no natural talent, but I play [bass] every day causing people to think I have some.
          And I will never starve because of it.Actually, I’ve done quite well and I’m glad I chose something like music.My secondary plan was to achieve a university degree by age 22, but there was an 11 year delay on that—although I had only that final year to go, so I had the bulk of knowledge from these courses.The one that I’ve used the most is accounting and the related ability to use spreadsheets.By the way, to this day I never “automate” my spreadsheets, preferring to enter the formulas and data into the cells by myself.Because I’ve also learned about relying on others to do that right.
          Another reason to avoid automated spreadsheets is they use the dreaded MicroSoft Visual Basic programming script, not to be confused with true BASIC.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

June 16, 2020

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          Is there an upswing in nothing days?Aftermath of the virus?And I’ve got a sore throat, with a cough.The only person I’ve been near was the owner of the club for this weekend, and she has no symptoms.I found a goldmine of music cables at the Fubar.Somebody found it beside the road and donated it, a large tray of almost-new XLR cables.She says they’ve been there for years, my guess is around $500 worth.This may cancel most of my weekend plans, or give me time to work on my thesis, “The Psychosomatic Benefits of Diet Ginger Ale”.
          What is a peacock bass?If you peer into this photo, it is a fish that lives in Snapper Creek.There are two of them, they are black and dead center.This is why I would make a rule that animals cannot be named after other animals.I looked it up and I think he’s got it wrong.They are a South American predatory species unrelated to real bass and have been found even in Australia.They eat all the local small fish.

          My lawyer has contacted me to begin seeing a specialist about my shoulder, but I had to sign a document saying if surgery is recommended, I will agree.This is the one event that really scares me, a loss of sensation in my bass picking arm.It’s not some idle concern, my long-term plan is that if I live to be 91, I will play bass the entire time.Today was average, I played for two hours.With that in mind, I’ve reactivated a separate bank account, since doctor’s these days slip in a credit agreement in with the “required medical form”.Last time I made that mistake, I lost a Cadillac.And more than once I’ve been denied treatment for not signing.
          It’s basically a form saying if the doctor does anything at all that is not covered by insurance, you are stuck with the tab.It frees the doctor up from doing his job of finding out what is paid and what isn’t by sloughing the problem onto the patient.No, no, doc.If I have to pay myself, I want a price quote first.

          I’ll tell you what’s become expensive.That kitchen three-way switch.I was going to make it four-way but time has shown nobody ever uses that front door.The installation requires three-wire cable, which has doubled in price.And because I need slightly over 15 feet, I have to buy the 25-foot roll.I have not mentioned food in a bit, these days I’m trying some new recipes with avocado, my replacement for mayonnaise.Ground turkey, boiled eggs, and soon I will try an avocado and radish.I did not get my new planter underway for lack of potting mix, so the weeds took it over.This, folks, is how domesticated I’ve become.
          When done, that single kitchen light switch will have set me back around $48 in materials.That does not count the hours dragging wire through the attic or trips to the lumber yard.Add that up and I’m likely to soon be owner of my very own $75 kitchen light.
          The correspondence took hours, including a long report to Tennessee about the Forex trading.I feel that there may be others out there doing the same, but without the MLM component.There is another company that the Reb finds alluring, which is okay because on my own I would never touch any type of scheme based on recruitment.That is actually a form of taking on a partner and I know how hard it is to find a guitar player who will toe the line.Fat chance I’d risk any money on a partner these days.Ah, some say, what if the Reb takes the money?Why would she take something she can have any time she wants?

Picture of the day.
Mayflower self-driving ship.
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          By noon, I’ve got a general feeling of something wrong, a fatigue that doesn’t happen simultaneously when you are younger.I doubt it’s the virus and there are still regular colds making the rounds.The laser reading on my forehead shows no fever.What a handy toy that laser thermometer is for the naturally curious.The dash in my car in the hot sun hits 177°F.My A/C full blast hits 48°F,And an ice cold beer is 38°F which slowly climbs to 57?F if you don’t hold it in your hand.It begins warning very quickly, in a minute or two after set-down, it is up to 48°F.
          Contacting my west coast people, several have had this condition already.They say it is mild and passes quickly.That means, due to interferon, I’m immune to the Covid in the interim.Here is the yard damage in Punta Gorda.That’s Alaine on the sea wall, pointing to the part of the yard that is sinking.It’s been filled with coral debris and limestone pieces repeatedly but something isn’t working right.She suspects the material used to seal the slabs.I don’t know a thing about seawalls.

          The leftists have learned nothing.They are blasting headlines that supporting Trump is futile because the polls are down.Yeah.The same polls that showed right up to quitting time that he could not possibly win?We’ve seen this before, it’s a setup for another round of pro-left debates with their hosts talking over the answers.Boston Dynamics has finally put a price tag on their robotic dog.It will set you back $75,000.Expect novelty crimes to follow.And watch how many big corporations are using the Covid scare to downsize.AT&T just canned 3,400 clerical and tech workers.By now, few people expect the economy to return to where it was.
          This is what mystifies me about the far left.They know communism does not work, yet they are bent on destroying democracy.I heard it put as “social nationalism”, which I presume is a play on national socialism.Far from failing, Trump has done an admiral job stemming the slide into oblivion.Sure, a few capitalists reign supreme, but the overall quality of life, even for the poor, is far beyond what any other system has provided.Show me an American without a microwave or a cell phone.Yet, I fear for this country, what will happen to it in forty years.White European Americans pay 90% of the taxes, once that is gone, look out.New Zealand can only take so many people.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

June 15, 2020

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          Aha, a balmy morning.I got out in the new lean-to and finished most of the rumble speaker.That’s my nickname for the 12” woofer that directs the bass notes downward into the floorboards, if any.I opted to leave the tweeter system intact.The circuit board has an excellent bypass filter so I don’t worry about frying anything.That the oblong white rectangle thing beside my thumb.The dark material is a baffle lining.The part I can’t get is the XLR plug, I may have to rig something up from my old stick microphone.The only thing I remember about that adapter is how expensive it was.$18.
          Next, I cut the disk for the gig.I usually produce a number of these with varying mixes of country, country-rock, and old rock.It’s classics only, but I could find any contemporary music with value, I’d at least give it a listen.This sets me up to be called a fossil, but I did not like rap-like disco-Cuban chanting slow music even when I was young.So it’s not like George Carlin said about when you turn 40, something terrible happens to music.Also, I did not like electronic beats and sounds from the day I first heard them in my teens, so pooh-pooh that age has anything to do with it.

          I will not be ready.That’s how you launch a new production, it’s tradition.Get on stage before you are ready, you’ll find if the show is a go, nobody will notice the mistakes.One slight advantage is I’ve done Karaoke at this location before, and they are open so late I’ve dropped in after my own gigs.I found the crowd one of the easiest to read and have done the juke box jockey a few times.
Here’s an interesting item from British Petroleum.They know there will always be a market for oil and planned for decline—but not now.It seems that people, during the virus shut-down, began to turn to alternative sources.My take on it is I would rather spend more money now for technology that frees me from dependence on big corporations.Their point is that people have learned to ride bikes again, so to speak, and the demand for oil may not recover.I’m okay with them losing as they are beyond guilty of price manipulations.I’d miss a dishonest oil company about the same as a dishonest bank.
          I would not be surprised if just getting off the surveillance grid crops up as a motive soon.A smart meter is the last thing you want from your power company.In theory the IoT sounds good, your phone talks to your fridge. The unrecognized danger is there are no standards for this interconnection.You need only look at the shambles the millennial coders have made of GPS and other touch screens to realize you do not want these people establishing invisible links between devices inside your house based on their limited experience and leftist values.

Picture of the day.
Perth, Australia.
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          What a snooze, I lost the rest of the day.You want things done around here, you got to wake me up.I remembered the Gigrack PA, it came with an extra set of 25-foot XLR cables.I never used then and forgot until just now.I imagine they are still in the box up at the Fubar.That would be a welcome discovery.I tested Set A through the Fishman and it may not be quite loud enough, although that is rarely a consideration with my show.The audience quickly learns if they make too much of a din, they miss things.The Fishman has an amazing sound for its size, I just wish they’d made it battery powered.For the remaining afternoon, I’m scrounging the entire homestead for phono cables.I’ve learned to keep them by the dozen.But after four years, where?
          I’ll need every available moment to work with the PA, as it has just three tone controls and was designed for guitar work.The natural crossover is right on the lower G note, the most used one on the bass.The note booms too loud to match the rest of the tune and I may have to invest in an equalizer to smooth it out.Seems to me there is a really nice one around here.I’ve got six days to slap this together.Another factor is that when I go this long without playing, I get used to sitting down.Playing is easier and you get lulled into thinking you are better than you are.

          I was able to scrounge all the gear needed, minus that special cable for the Fishman to drive the rumble speaker.I don’t know is those are even powered outlets, but the worst case scenario for that valuable invention is I revert to using the big PA.The speaker is built to convey bass vibrations into the floor without resorting to excess volume.The acoustics in the club are known to be terrible.It’s long and narrow, cluttered with beams and furniture.So the first night, I’d rather arrive with too much gear than not enough.I still have the Yamaha speakers out in the shed.
          Here’s a closeup of the cutout for the speaker jacks.Looks rough?Because it is.I have the equipment to make this much better but I’m not about to put that kind of effort into road gear.That makes a full seven hours put in on music today.The concept is more work now for less work later.And I’ve misplaced the recharger for the DVD player.I recall putting where I could easily find it, but that just backfired.I have the car charger—say that reminds me, I do have an adapter.Time to dig around the shed.
          I cannot locate a Yamaha dealership whose web page makes it easy to find and price the ignition and seat locks.It’s amazing how screwed up the millennial mentality has made what was supposed to be the greatest invention in history.Each tiny mind trying to grab as many crumbs as he can.There is no fixing what they did, the entire situation has to be crushed, hopefully by some new system we’ve already waited to long for.

          Ha, let me tell you about AuvoriaPrime.They shafted themselves.One of the reasons I quite using MicroSoft Access around 2003 is because it became unstable through ordinary use.It kept doing things it wanted to do instead of what it was told—a sure sign the system was designed to be operated by mental midgets.They need all the functions programmed by more idiots and to hell with how it actually works.If I ever get my earlier records entered, you can read how I struggled with Access for years.It would not normalize and if you don’t know what that is, you don’t know the first principle of relational design.Every record has to be normalized, I could not get Access to go past third level (of five).
          I don’t know the precise problems, but I know the situation.Somehow the original coding limited the system to three trading pairs, although that’s an over-simplification.When they went to add the pound-kiwi, they had to open an entirely new window.They ran in parallel for a week, something that usually takes months of field testing with Access.For some reason, they took away the old version and the new one is stuck in low gear.It won’t create the approved transactions.They are issuing news releases trying to cover up the problem by saying trading is slow due to the virus fallout.Guys, bullshit your mother, don’t bullshit me.I know database panic when I see it.
          My prediction?Somebody is going to get the wise idea to reboot with an older version of the software from before the blind alleys were coded in.That never works with C+ or any OOPS language.Nobody humanly possible can spot all the hidden nuances and undesirable ramifications of the slightest code change.Most C+ people cannot read their own code a week later.This would be laughable if I had not just paid this month’s $189 fee.

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