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yy6090青苹果手机理论免费Welcometo the world'slargestcatalog ofqualityplans formodel stirlingengines,atmosphericengines, gasengines andother modelengineeringprojects. 

Allplan projectsare machinedby you fromyour own metalbar stock. Nocastings arerequired,however, mostof the modelengines aredesigned tolook like theywere in factmade fromcastings. Theplan setdrawings arehigh qualitycomputergeneratedusingprofessionalCAD softwareand arelaser-printedon 8-1/2" x11" paper.

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Wealso providehard-to-findpart kits,transistorignitionsystem kits,bearings, andother supplyitems for thehobby,educationalandexperimentalenginemachinist.  "Like"us onFacebook!


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